fourteen years


Today is fourteen years ago, that we promised to love each other til death apart us. Fourteen years, two kids, hundred’s of fights and make ups, two dogs (one deceased), three choocks, a tank full of fish, two homes, a handful of times I wanted to murder you…. I can’t believe that you have to put up with someone like me for this long! 🙂

Marriage is not perfect.  Marriage is by no means easy.  But if you are lucky enough to find someone who complement both of your good and bad that’s what makes it all worth it.



Happy 14 years to my love and for standing by my moments of both tears and laughter in our life together.

12 Replies to “fourteen years”

  1. 14yearrsss how sweet !! .there must be much effort to maintain ya mba buat selalu saling ngisi 🙂 anyway happy anniversary mba ria.smoga langgeng till death do part.ngikik dibagian kalimat murdered you itu..its sooo me klo emosi lagi membuncah ahahahaha.
    share tips2 dong mba for “break ups n makes ups” buat pemula macam sayaaa ^^


    1. Ma kasih Nisa😘 Oh yeah maintenance-nya lumayan banget utk bisa nyampe 14 years, misalnya sering2 dibolehin shopping2, sering2 dibolehin ‘pulkam’ tanpa membawa gembolan 2 bandits gue itu…lol! Joking!

      Aku juga orangnya esmosian koq. Lbh byk make perasaan utk berpikir daripada rasio. Jadi sering disitu clash nya. Krn pada dasarnya laki2 lebih ke ‘otak’ drpd ‘hati’ kan? Yg penting kita hrs tau aza kl lg berantem kpn hrs ngalah dan kpn hrs maju terus pantang mundur :p Misalnya, kl lg pengen sepatu yg lucu itu or tas yg super cool itu, nah jangan mau ngalah….lol!
      Kalo kata org tua jaman dulu, if you can get thru the 1st 5 years in your marriage then it will be forever. Bole percaya bole ga 🙂 Kalo aku bilang yg penting selalu komunikasi dan honesty. Stay cool, Nisa. xx


  2. Awww isn’t that the sweetest?! I love, love, love reading this. Congrats and happy anniversary to you two love birds.


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