[ review ] bib & tucker

pic by Andrea from Urbanspoon
pic by Andrea from Urbanspoon

Today, while I was waiting for the boys ( and helper hubby )  to do surf life lesson, I managed to sneak in to Bib & Tucker.  I was hungry, I didn’t get time to have breakfast or even a sip of coffee this morning.  It was kind of get out of bed, get changed, get the kids up and off we went.  Sometimes I curse why this surf life lesson has to be this early in the morning on Sunday!

Anyway, a year ago before this posh Bib & Tucker, there was a plain normal kiosk that sells nice coffee, soft drinks, hot dogs, hot chips, ice cream, burger, etc, at a reasonable price. Then they knocked down the old Fremantle surf life building to make it bigger, and closed down the little kiosk. But they also built this posh restaurant called Bib & Tucker.  Last time we tried to have lunch there after surf lesson, we were greeted by the wait person who was very stiff and no smile at all, only to say that we had to wait for an hour until we can get seated!  We never had to wait for an hour at the old kiosk, we had to queue but it was never long.

pic by Andrea from Urbanspoon
pic by Andrea from Urbanspoon
pic by Andrea from Urbanspoon
pic by Andrea from Urbanspoon

I was lucky this morning that I could get a seat straight away.  Outside. I just had Egg Benedict and flat white that cost me $23.  The service was ok, I didn’t wait too long for my meal to come considering it was pretty busy morning.  My Egg Benedict was ok, a bit plain to my taste.  The waitresses even though they were polite enough but they seemed cold and not friendly.  Why does everything have to go up market, expensive, and out of reach of every day people? I won’t be going there again for long time! I just wish the old kiosk was still open…..


8 thoughts on “[ review ] bib & tucker

  1. what a good view mbaa… sitting by the beach eating egg benedict with fresh air of course lah ya you definitely had perfect morning mbaaa ria !!

    fotonya old kiosk remind me tempat makan gitu juga di venice beach santa monica mba. coffee, snow ice with rum ( yummmyyy ) , very big big hotdog , shirtless cool man ( eehhhhhh digeplak chicco ) and the price not so expensive jugaaaa.

    emangnya disini pantai cuma diancol bentar bentar…”kacang kacang // te no net ..te no nett *tukang eskrim lewat* eskrim bu ..buat anaknya // tiker..tikerr.. ” or pantai priok sanaaa….iyakkk lhooo limbah semuaaa :)))))


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