hello december

Christmas card with an ornament, vector illustrationDecember is here finally!  The last month on the calendar.  It means the holiday season is officially here.  And Christmas is less than a month now, oh….panic! Have you been shopping or making gifts for your loved ones?  Or start baking yummy Christmas cookies?

I have started my Christmas shopping couple months ago.  And I am almost finished with it.  I hate doing Christmas shopping at last-minute.  First, the place will be pretty crowded so sometimes you can’t even see the stuff that you want to buy as so many people milling around.  Second, the things you would like to buy are often already not in stock, no size, don’t have the color that you are looking for, etc. I like to start mine as early as September usually. That way I still can get what I am looking for, I have plenty of time to think and/or to change my mind about the gift plus often there are so many sales on, good bargain! :p

Anyhow, besides the shopping excitement (well, not for some people, I know) my children love to put the Christmas tree up, and decorate it.  Every year we have a different theme of tree and decoration.  This year we opt for a minimalist one and use recycle stuff.  We picked an old branch that my DH found along the street near our house.  We cut certain branches that we didn’t want.  Spent almost half of the day, thinking how to stick the branch into something so it won’t fall and the wind won’t knock it down, as we were gonna put it outside at our back verandah.  Thanks God, DH found the best solution!  Then painted it with gold and decorated with many ‘arguments’ from four of us, as everyone had their own style 🙂 It was fun though!



Now the Christmas tree is  up, presents almost done, no baking yet, but Christmas is sure on its way.  Because we live here down under so of course we never gonna have white Christmas.  I am not dreaming of a white Christmas, but I am praying that this Christmas the weather will be cool enough, please please….don’t be reached 40 degree Celsius like two years ago!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and be ready for all the excitement of this festive season!


2 thoughts on “hello december

  1. In The Netherlands it is considered not done to prepare Christmas too early as we celebrate Sinterklaas first at 5 December. So I will bake cookies and prepare the Christmas gifts next week. Wow, never have had hot Christmas in years! I hope the temperature would be comfortable for us, not too hot for you and not freezing cold for me.


    1. Yen, I normally put the tree up after the 5th too but since we are going away this week end so i thought better do it now and it’s done. I wish Australia would have cool wintery Christmas like we used to have when we lived in UK! Missed the atmosphere. Walking around in the cold while shopping for chrissie pressies! Have a good week end Yen! xx


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