hohoho…..tis the season!


It is only 3 more sleeps until Christmas everyone!  Christmas in Australia means hot weather and Australian choose to have Christmas dinner on backyards or on the beach.  So, I can say I am happy enough admiring the snow through everyone else’s pictures! 🙂  This year, I don’t go back to Jakarta to spend Christmas with my mother and brother, instead staying here in the hot summer of Western Australia.

This perhaps will be my last post in 2013.   I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you stopping by here however often you do.  2013 has been pretty good for us.  I always have to remind myself how lucky we are and I am really thank God for all his blessing for my family.  I look forward to 2014 will be as good as this year and that we are all healthy and happy. Because those two are the most important thing in life.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope it’s a wonderful time of love for you and family.  Meanwhile I am going to kick my feet up somewhere along the ocean with my loved ones in the sunny weather.

Merry Christmas and have an amazing New Year’s everyone! I hope it’s everything you wish it to be.


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