two thousand fourteen

Hello Internet!

It’s my first post in 2014!  So… how is 2014 treating you so far?  And how was your New Year’s eve, what did you do? Did you go out and party hard or had a quiet night with loved ones at home? Well, whatever you do, whether you were traveling, or wearing sparkly shorts or sparkly dresses on a dance floor, I hope you all had a wonderful night!

I celebrated NYE with my family and in-laws who came to visit us during this festive season. First, we had dinner near the harbor, then walked around the harbor and the main street.  We stopped for coffee and cake before heading back home.  My kids were fast asleep once we were home even before mid-night – Mind you, we had been pretty busy with lots of swimming and surfing –  While the adults were trying to keep awake until the 2014 came.  Pretty wild life we had, huh?! :p


On New Year’s evening, we all had picnic at the foreshore near our house.  It was a lovely evening, we share food and laughter and conversation while waiting for the firework to happen.  Everyone had a nice night and thanks God my dog didn’t run away, well he probably tried to, but since we kept him at the garage there was no where to go for him.  My dog is very scared of firework, by the way.  Twice, he ran away when we were at the foreshore and we didn’t keep him inside the garage.

So, here to 2014… hope this new year is the perfect one for you! As for the resolution, I normally have none of it. But being 2014 I will try to eat clean, train mean, and being more careful with the crowd I mingle.  What about you? What’s your new year resolution?





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