snippets of life lately

20140130-210648.jpgSecret Harbor Beach

We had several heat wave days last week.  By heat wave means that temperature got up to 38C degree, it’s just too hot and dry to be outside, but too sticky and bothered to be inside the house too.  For us, there are two ways to tackle heat wave, first going to the shopping mall and get cool by the air-conditioned mall, or to the beach, sitting under the big tree, near the water, sipping watermelon juice. As much as I like option number 1, but I think for the sanity of the whole family the beach is the best option.  Plus, by going to the beach it is less money-spent for UN-necessary things that may too tempted to avoid!

Here are a few pictures from our week if you would like to see.

20140130-210050.jpgSomebody is temped to jump to the pool!

20140130-210157.jpglight dinner

20140130-210320.jpgSnow cones and fairy floss to add more fun at Adventure World day!

20140130-210347.jpgAustralia Day jumping!

20140130-210411.jpgHappy Straya Day!

20140130-210447.jpgSpecial delivery! 🙂

20140130-210524.jpgLovely day at the river.

20140130-210546.jpgPerfect day to stroll along the river after a nice lunch.

20140130-210607.jpgTwo little monkeys of mine.

20140130-210231.jpgBeach time….again!

20140130-210733.jpgTwin #1

20140130-210801.jpgTwin #2

20140130-210625.jpgOur beach shack 🙂 We use it a lot during this summer!


Hair gets lighter

Skin gets darker

Water gets warmer

Drinks get colder

Music gets louder

Nights get longer

Life gets better!

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Hi I'm Ria! A hippie heart and gypsy soul mama who loves plants, yoga, blue and white chinas, thrifty finds, occasionally I like to bake and cook something delicious for my teenager twin boys and le hubby. On this blog, I'm mostly rambling about my every day life as a mama, wife, and human being, sharing my piece of mind and some good and not so good photos. Because I'm not a professional photographer or blogger. Just a blogger mama wanna be!😜 So, if you like what you find here please stay with me. If you don't, just close this page and no rude comment, as simple as that. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy reading my stories. xx

8 thoughts on “snippets of life lately

  1. Lovely pics..Cute cute cute!! little monkeys nya ganteng 🙂 foto ayam bertelur itu lucu banget hehehe…btw, 38C gitu gak terlalu panas ya buat dihabisin di pinggir pantai?? kalo disini 30C itu udah ya salam panas buanget…kalo disini ada heatwave kita biasanya ngabisin di pinggir danau..sejuk banget dibawah pohon sambil ngantuk2. kalo di rumah, hadoohh rasanya kebakar :p


    1. Thanks for dropping by Oppie 🙂 Iya, sebenarnya 38 itu lumayan panas buat ke pantai, tapi kita ke pantainya biasanya pagi jam 8 or 9an uda nangkring di beach dan by noon uda back home. Terus biasanya jam 4an gitu suka nangkring lagi di beach, untung beach ga jauh dari rumah, or cool down in the pool. Karena banyak pohon dan we have our “beach shack” lumayan teduh juga siih… Bener, kalo dirumah rasanya so sticky gitu, jadi kalo lagi heat wavenya enaknya emang ngadem di mall or cinema hehehe…


  2. Wuahahaha, fresh from the ayam ya mbak … Puas banget panasnya 38 derajat yah … Kl aku udh ngantuk2 mbak kena panas segitu diem di rmh, semua jendela dibuka 😁 *berharap tetangga gak ngerokok ajah*


    1. Iya Cha, kita aza surprise pas lagi duduk2 liat ‘special delivery’ langsung in action hehehe…. Kadang disini panasnya bisa sampai 40C lebih loh…nah kalo uda gitu lebih baik memang ngadem di mall aza 🙂 Kalau jendela dibuka semua disini, udara panasnya yang kering itu malah masuk ke dalam rumah, karna ga ada angin sama sekali. Jadinya jendela hanya dibuka sedikit terus pasang AC dey 🙂


    1. Hi Debb, ma kasih uda jalan2 kesini yah 🙂 Iya si guk guk itu sebenarnya ‘badan security hati hello kitty’ Deb 🙂 🙂 Itulah enaknya punya ayam, bisa fresh delivery hahahaaa…!!


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