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School is back yaay! Don’t get me wrong, I love school holiday because it means no lunch boxes to make every single morning, no dropping here and there for tutoring and training, no homework, and we can sleep in!  But yeah…after almost two months break I think it’s fair enough if I want less mess around the house and the routine to be back.

My boys seem to enjoy school so far, they like their teacher because she’s playing Minecraft too! DH also goes back to work which means we won’t see him in flesh but face time or Skype for two weeks. For those who have been following this blog long enough know that my DH works inter-state, so he’ll be on for two weeks and off for two weeks.  He’s been doing this for almost two years now and we still don’t like the idea that he’s not always home every night.

The boys are in year 5 now and for the first time since Kindy they are in the same class for it only has one class this year.  Some kids from previous year have moved to another school, due to many reasons; moving house, not happy with the school system, and other personal reason.  We have tried to move the boys to a different school as well, because we don’t feel the school can give extra education that they need, and though we had a long talk to the principal about this matter, there is nothing he can do and is willing to do.  As year 5 is not the take in year it’s difficult for us to get a space in the new school, especially we have two all at once. So, we decided to go back to their current school and see what’s gonna happen in a couple of months.  If the other school that we enrolled call and say they can accept both of my children at their school, even by term 2, we are more than happy to move them.

My boys are happy in this school, they like their friends so much, they like their teacher. And in two years they are going to be in high school anyway, so we kind of wanting to stay until they finish year 6. The thing is, we are not too worry about twin# 1 he’s doing alright at school but twin# 2 just need a bit help in one or two subjects.  He’s not falling behind at school (yet) but he needs that extra help which the school can’t offer.  We feel with this school, if your children are doing good and/or fine the school pays more attention, but when your children is struggling they seem not to have any facilities or source to help them.  Instead, we parents have to look for tutoring or any kind of help out of school for our children. Being in a private school we pay more than the public so we expect a bit higher ‘quality’ from the school which I think is fair enough but it doesn’t seem to work like that. I guess we will deal with it later *sigh*.

Anyway the holiday is over, now return to the mundane; the meal plan, the tightening of finances, the drive here and there after school, early morning swimming, Saturday basket ball game.., it’s all part of my every day life.  For two weeks I will do it all by myself, solo parenting.  It’s hard sometimes and it’s not easy.  There are days I feel bright and all smile, but there are days I feel I can’t even be bothered to get out of my bed let alone to walk the dog to the park.

So, while I go about my life and motherly duties, it will be just me and the boys living life around here.  Summer is still going on, hot days, longer night.  I am looking forward to fall.

Have a beautiful week-end readers!



4 responses to “this mama life”

  1. mulai anter2 anak sekolah lagi dong hehe.


  2. Have a great weekend mbak…


  3. Happy mommy duties lagi mbaaa…. Semoga 2 minggu kedepan all is well ya. dan cepet berkumpul dengan suami lagi. -* peyuukkkk*

    Mba the boys itu beda berapa menit pas lahiran ya? Mba sc or normal pas lahiran . Miripppppp buanget. Aku punya tante kembar which is adek ya bokap tapi gak begitu mirip. Tapi kakaknya eyang ( yang cowo ) malah mirip. Apa faktor cowo lebih mirip ya ketimbang cewe hihihi


    1. Ma kasih Nisa darling😘 so far these weeks were good I haven’t had a meltdown…yet😛😊 Masa’ sih mereka mirip? Bukannya yg satu kyk milk man yg satu lagi post man?😜 Mereka bedanya 10 menit Nis, lahir dengan normal karna di UK kalo ibu dan bayi dlam kandungan ga masalah ga bisa minta optional c-section, karena rumah sakitnya gratis boo… Kecuali kl emang ada masalah si obgyn menyarankan c section. Pdhl aku uda minta C-section krn ga ada bayangan aza waktu itu gimana caranya 2 sekaligus??😳😝
      Waah….kalo gitu kamu punya chance untuk dapet twin dunk nih?😉


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