with love

valentineValentine’s day is coming up! While it’s not a big thing here in Australia, I am seeing lots of V’s day stuff around the shop. From cute hand-made cards, nice heart shape candles, V’s day t-shirt etc.  I am not a big believer of Valentine’s Day and so is my husband.  But he always buys me roses or chocolate on this love day :p

How do you spend your Valentine’s day? Do you celebrate it? Do you go out just the two of you for a romantic dinner and give each other sweet little things? Valentine’s Day at Chez Mahney will depend on so many things…well, basically I don’t have any plan how my love’s day is going to spend.  One thing for sure I will be at the pool to cheer for my boy who has swimming race, from early in the morning until perhaps dusk on that day. Fun, hey?! :p

We would love to have dinner out if the situation and condition allowed us, otherwise perhaps a quiet evening with pizza and wine will do! For us being in love to each other is more important than a candle light dinner. Sometimes marriage can be more work than it is fun. It’s not always easy to fall in love every day with the same person after a while. There are days that we want to strangle each other but there are days we are so lovey dovey. To keep the fire burning both of us must make an effort, an effort to give compliment to each other, even small things i.e. you look nice in that blue shirt, or, i like that LBD on you, babe! Little things like that make you still feel wanted, make you feel that your spouse is still into you and make you feel special.

An effort to spend time together as a couple, this is sometimes become our obstacle. As we both don’t have any family here we rely on baby-sitting service or a kind heart of friends and neighbors. So yeah going out for dinner just the two of us is a big thing and an expensive one if we use baby-sitting service!

Saying i love you or i miss you  every morning or night is more romantic than a big pink heart Hallmark card with wishy-washy sweet words that make me want to vomit in it, I think. Communicate your feeling to each other is also a key to keep the marriage life alive.  Especially when you are in long distance relationship like us, it is very important to keep in contact verbally, texting, Skype, Face-time you name it.  I find it very easy to drift away from my DH for not communicating properly and end up with me bottling up my feelings.

Anyway no matter how and who you are going to celebrate this special day with, just remember that showing love and appreciation are not only happened on Valentine’s day but let all that you do be done in love…every single day.  Be in love and care more. Be compatible and trust each other. Add romance and humor. Be patience and respect and don’t forget to share…..so please share the chocolate and the cake :p

I hope you are loving everyone and everything around you. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Cherish your loved ones and don’t eat too many sweets :p As for me, I will be lucky enough if my Valentine is home, fingers cross!


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