dear me


This has taken me a while to write, never finding exactly what I wanted to write.  Inspired by the above picture and suggestion from few bloggers friends, here I decided to write it as a letter to myself in five years.

Dear Ria,

I hope this letter finds you well.  I wonder what you would tell me.  I’m not even sure what to tell you.  You are older and hopefully wiser now.  I hope no matter what happens, that you are happy with the decisions you made. That you are thankful for what you have.  Thinking of what you don’t have will only keep bringing you nothing.  Remember what your mum always says, ‘don’t always look up, you never gonna be content’.  Life itself is a gift and you should be most thankful for that.

There are so many mistakes you will make and so many things that I (now) wish I could have changed.  But without those mistakes, you would not be the same person as you are today.  Because you are not a bad person at all.  You are not popular, you are quirky, you are generous, funny and you don’t have lots of friends, you have only few but they are your true ones.

You should think about the people you hang out with now.  Are they the type of people you would want to be? You should really learn your lesson about friendship that you have built up so far.  You made mistakes twice (really!), you always learn your lesson in a hard way.  You were too naïve and trust everyone 100%, and though sometimes you could be so judgmental.  My advice to you, be kind to yourself and others.  Be patient with yourself (this is important because I know you are the most in-patient person in the world!) and others!

I have noticed too how you are looking after yourself physically, you exercise regularly and you try to feed your family and yourself healthy meals, and you will try your best to avoid processed food.  Though, sometimes this healthy stuff didn’t work well with your children.  But you keep trying and you can see the positive results start to come.

I think sometimes it’s alright to have a meltdown because you are human, cry it out and then you’ll feel better.

And, you are never too old to dance in the rain with your children.  It’s ok to do so. 

Keep living and laughing Ria, don’t worry about what others think about you.  This will all work out in the end.



Now, I am tagging Nisa, Lorrainne, Scoop of Joy  to write a note to their younger-self or whatever way you’d like to write 🙂 xx


8 thoughts on “dear me

  1. Great letter to yourself, Ria! I’m with you on being kinder, gentler to our self.
    Friendship is tricky eh? I just ended two friendships because I had outgrown the friendships and it no longer bring me peace. Well done!

    I will link up next week on my birthday 😉


    1. Thank darling! Yeah, seems I’m not that lucky mingle with Indos here, either they are weird or am a biatch I suppose…lol! But like you, I too just ended one friendship, life’s too short for un-necessary dramas Maureen, I don’t need toxic and backstabbing friend/s anyway! 😊

      Can’t wait for yours, will stay tune!😘


  2. Oops, I have just seen it Ria! Thanks for the tag, will do the housework soon. Same as you and Maureen I too ended two friendships. But you know what? I don’t feel bad about it. I believe we meet people in our life with a purpose and in the right time. Those who don’t fit in, would fade away.


    1. Hi Lo, yeah sometimes I feel bad about ending a friendship but then it’s not a real friendship when your friend betrays your trust, right! Can’t wait for your letter to self, Lo and happy week-end. xx


  3. OuwmyGOD aku baru baca ini dan baru ngeh klo di tag. Maapken mbaa secara jarang uodate blog dan lepi lagi masuk bengkel. Soon ya mbaa aku share tentang tag ini. Tunggu lepi dah beres. Soale klo dari aypon kurang enak hehehehe. Thankyuuu mba 🙂


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