lentcatTomorrow (Wednesday) will be the beginning of Lent in the Christian calendar, which is marked by celebrating Ash Wednesday.  It’s  the beginning of some form of  abstinence for forty days, i.e. if you are a devoted catholic you will have to sacrifice something that you really love or like.  Let’s say, if you like to drink coke or eat chips on a regular basis, you can abstain for 40 days from those things. If you can’t stay away from the shops, it will be a good idea to stay away for 40 days.  Those are just my example, I am not a good Christian.  Amongst other failings, I don’t go to church every Sunday.

So, I’ve been THINKING lately for Lent I am going to give up my social media addiction. It means for 40 days I won’t be posting, commenting or checking my FB, Instagram, and Path. It’s a HUGE challenge for me! I am not sure if I can do it.  Well, you know…FB, Instagram and etc are part of our life, or my life perhaps.  What am I gonna do without those social medias? How am I gonna interact with my friends overseas? Am I going to be missed out on girls night out dinner or mums’ morning coffee? Oh wait, I can’t even check in when I am eating in the posh restaurant or shopping at Prada ( I wish!)!  And what about my duck face selfie that need to be posted in Instagram pronto? Oh no…oh no! Panic attack begins.


Just thinking about giving up those social medias make me realize how we I rely on them so much.  They have become my daily routine, my regime, my addiction.  Do you remember days before FB and its associates? What did we do when we went on holidays and took a picture? We develop the film and put it in the photo album or scrapbook.  Did we crave the urge to tell the world where we are having dinner ? No, and anyway who cares where we are and what we eat. I do remember when we went out for dinner or coffee, we ate and we are having real conversation. We talking to each other, not to our Iphone. Sometimes we even observed the world around us, not the world on our mobile phone. As a mum, my bag would be filled with crayons, coloring pencils, cheese, fruits, etc, to entertain my little ones while I was having coffee or lunch with other mothers.  Nowadays, less than a year old babies will have Ipad.  How technology has changed our life, for good or bad….I am not sure.


Okay, I am not here to preach about savvy gadgets and social media. I believe you all have your own opinion about the pros and cons.  I love them too…don’t get me wrong.  I love using all those social medias, too much in fact.  That’s why I am challenging myself that for 40 days ONLY I will not touch them, look at them, I will not post and comment on anything on my Facebook, Instagram, and Path.  I will take 40 days off of all those. So, if I miss your birthday or anniversary, please forgive me 🙂 I will still be blogging though, because I’m doing my “100 happy days challenge” on my blog (I LOVE a challenge, don’t I!).

If you are my friend, you know where to contact me, I’m not giving up on lunch or dinner or coffee invitations guys! 🙂 Wish me luck people….


p style=”text-align:justify;”>What are you giving up for Lent?

6 thoughts on “abstinence

  1. iya ya.. ga terasa sudah masa Pra Paskah aja Mba Ria…
    Aku lagi mikir juga mau puasa apa, kemaren sempet terpikir mau puasa sarapan dan makan malam, plus ngemil di saat stress melanda. ^__^ (sekalian diet kantong inihhh *__^ )

    Smoga saja puasa kita berhasil, God Bless u and your fams Mba ^^


    1. Jangan puasa sarapan dan makan malam dunk Deb, sarapan itu penting loh, mungkin makan malam bole dey puasa😃 Iya, semoga ini bisa sukses slama 40 hari tdk menyentuh fb, instagram, dll….except this blog🙏


      1. Iya juga ya Mba… apa saya ganti aja sarapannya ga boleh yang berat seperti biasanya soale makan nasi or mie diganti roti aja deh ya ^^
        Thanks sarannya Mba Ria 🙂


        1. Nah bener, diganti dgn toast ato cereal dan buah. Tp ttp hrs sarapan. Dan jgn skip lunch. Kl mo skip dinner bole, diganti dgn makan salad aza. Happy Lent, Deb. Eh kamu katolik juga ya?


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