Sometimes I feel like I don’t have any friends.

Sometimes I feel so lonely and alone and sad.

Sometimes I am really shy.ย  Sometimes I can’t shut up.

Sometimes I don’t want to let stupid little things get under my skin.

Sometimes I don’t feel like talking to anyone.

Sometimes I wish people had more dignity to stand up for their opinion, and not just go with the wrong crowd because they are scared of being different and being honest.

Sometimes I wish I had my family here so when life gives me lemon I could whine and had shoulder to cry on.

Sometimes I wish I had a true friend who I could count on and told every thing I feel and not judging me or worse, gossiping behind my back. Actually I have one! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sometimes I do miss my home town where traffic is crazy and pollution is everywhere but food is yummy and the city is never sleep.

Sometimes I just want to cry for no reason.

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