fashion fridays : autumn wardrobe

Is anyone as excited as me for winter soon? Jumpers, scarfs, beanies, and boots! Though winter here in Australia is very mild, so some days we still can wear our short or skirt and cardie!


My favorite color for winter beside white is grey. I always always love grey in clothes because then I can accent it with colored and patterned shoes or bag or scarf. Jeans and leggings are my daily staple and I also love over sized jumper! Here are my kind of winter styles 🙂





winter2pictures are from Pinterest

4 thoughts on “fashion fridays : autumn wardrobe

    1. Hahaha…iya ya, disini kalo uda winter beneran sekitar July/August gitu sih ya lumayan dingin tapi kalo dibanding dengan Europe sih, mungkin summer-nya Europe winter-nya Australia 🙂


  1. I love the layers and colors of autumn wardrobe but now I long for Spring & Summer wear. Amazing how we experience the season the other way around Ria 😉


    1. Yes, I like layering too Lo, because the weather here can change into 4 seasons in a day without warning! 🙂 I know…we will never have white Christmas ever here! :p


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