[road trip ] bremer bay

IMG_6181Bremer Bay

Over the school and Easter break we went to Bremer Bay for a short holiday.  Bremer Bay is about 5 hours drive from Perth, it’s a coastal town on the south coast of Western Australia, between Albany and Esperance.  It is so small that it only has one general shop so no shopping ladies! 🙂  Last year we went to Bremer Bay with another family’s friend and we camped.  This year it was only us and we stayed at our friend’s house.


Lovely evening at Blossoms Beach

What can you do while you are at Bremer Bay? Well, it is known for its beautiful beaches.  The main beach is only 10 minutes walk from town.  So, of course we spent most of the time at the beach.  While twin #1 and DH spent two days fishing, every morning they got up as early as 6am and headed to the beach, twin #2 and I chose to stay in bed catching up on our beauty sleep!  The water was way to cold for me to swim, but not for the boys.  They swam, surfed and snorkel.

Here are some pictures to enjoy….

IMG_6164Surfer Dude

IMG_6187Bremer Bay

IMG_6196Beautiful Beach

IMG_6200And we got bogged!

IMG_6201Two Little Fishermen20140502-123846.jpg

IMG_6212On the way to Quaalup Homestead, Mt. Barren at the back

IMG_6224Quaalup Homestead (they have caravan park/camp ground as well as B & B)

IMG_6225Someone enjoying the sun-bathing

IMG_6249Royal Hakea at Fitzgerald River National Park

IMG_6253Point AnneIMG_6268Point Anne

IMG_6266Point AnneIMG_6279Lovely spot for fishing!

See ya later Bremer Bay!




10 responses to “[road trip ] bremer bay”

  1. Wow very nice view…


    1. Indeed a very beautiful view, Man!


  2. What a beautiful place to spend a holiday!


    1. It’s a beautiful place, though bit remote…. thanks for dropping by here 😊


  3. It’s nice to enjoy this kind of escape on a beautiful quiet place, especially with your loved ones….


    1. Hello Nina,

      Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 Yes indeed it was a good mini break for us, peace and quiet.

      Btw, I love your blog, love your travel pics! 🙂


  4. Kanggurunya lucuuuu :*


    1. Kangaroo nya lagimenikmati sinar matahari 🙂 Ma kasih uda mampir kesini ya.


  5. Nice view of the beach. The closest beach from our place is the Gulf of Mexico, about 12 hours driving.


  6. Oh wow…it’s a long driving for you to go the beach, Sylvia 🙂 Thanks for dropping by here.


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