fashion fridays : crop code

crop14It’s been a while after my last Friday fashion series posting! At the moment I am liking crop tops or t-shirts or any kind of it 🙂 Since am not in my 20s anymore, often I wonder how to apply crop top for busy mums without looking too tarty or over the top.  You know, when you are teenagers you can get away with more fun brighter colors or patterns and showing more of your youthful skin.  It’s a different story when you have produced a pair of twin boys and your tummy is not as tight and flat as before children! 🙂

Here are some of the crop top styles that I like and I think it’s quite proper for mothers  or anyone, who still wants to look young and stylish.  If you are not confidence enough in your stomach, the key is always wearing your skirt/pants/trousers/shorts above the belly button, it’s always flattering, trust me!




crop2 crop3 crop4    crop8  crop12crop13

Happy cropping and have a good week-end everyone!

Source: pictures are from Tumblr and Pinterest.




6 thoughts on “fashion fridays : crop code

  1. cantik sih ya model crop crop gt, tp halauw apa kabar ini lemak lemak nya hahaha. tp kemaren nyobain satu yg model putih itu, kayaknya bagus kalo bawahnya pake rok sarung modern. happy weekend too!!


    1. Iya Pie, sepanjang cropnya ga pendek2 banget, pas belly button lah, dipake sama rok panjang atau rok sarung modern like you said, cakep dey😊 Happy week end to you too darl😘


  2. klo pake crop biasanya aku mix n match celana or rok yang high waist gitu mba jadi perut si emak2 yg bleber ini ketutup huehehe. itu juga model yg wide crop kaya zara sering kluarin or foto mba yang no 3 or 4 itu. tapi kadang juga suka gak pede klo tetiba cewe2 muda lewat depan aku dengan badan yang singset -____-

    happy weekend hot momma 🙂


    1. Iya Nis, aku suka pake crop top dengan rok panjang or celana yg high waist juga. Makanya kalo msh early 20nish apalagi blm ber-buntut bole deh thu pake crop yg minim banget😀 Happy week-end to you too beautiful😘


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