[ mini break ] dunsborough

20140607-232742-84462841.jpgCanal Rock

Last week was a long week-end in Western Australia, plus my children got Tuesday off from school too.  So, we decided to have a bit of chillax time at Dunsborough, my fave little coastal town.

Dunsborough is about 3 hours driving from Perth.  It is a quite town, this time of year, with a population of 4,000 .  In  summer the population will triple and the town is buzzing with life.  We go to Dunsborough quite often lately, sometimes we stay near the beach, sometimes near the bush and occasionally we camp! This time we rented a house right in the middle of the town center.  It is just walking distance to the park/playground, shops, cafes, and  Geography Bay is just one block away from the house.

Top five things to do in Dunsborough :

  • Scenic drive; with a walk along the beach, will take you to a secluded rocky bay with crystal clear water.  Many beautiful beaches and pretty wineries along the way.
  • Art Galleries ; Yallingup Art Galleries has a cool collection of fine arts and furniture and the garden art studio also has pretty jewelry and paintings. The Studio Gallery, is where great food and art come together. You can dine alfresco, set in a beautiful garden that leads to the National Park, while enjoying the art. Also it can be rented for wedding or special occasions.
  • Diving, snorkeling, fishing & surfing for those who love water sports, ie my partner in crime and kiddo’s.
  • Boutique shopping ; my fav’s are Tatu Homewares (they have lotsa cute stuff from jewelry to home-wares), Lagoon Swim (they have a cool collection of swim wear, I always buy something little from this shop!), Laneway, and Milc.
  • Eating : there are lots of cafes and restaurants around Dunsborough town centre, (and around the area) but do not forget to have a famous pie at Dunsborough Bakery. Their vanilla slice is also to die for.  Our favorites are: Peko-Peko for quick sushi lunch, Evviva – they have vegetarian menu, Samudra for healthy organic meal but tasty, Clancy Fish Pub – very child friendly, children can run around in their big green grass backyard, that’s why we love it!, Bunkers Beach Cafe and Thai Papaya for a quick take away.
  • Wineries and Boutique Breweries; if you are into it, Dunsborough and surrounds is the place.

Oppss….I think that’s six but couldn’t stop at 5! 🙂

My family loves Dunsborough because it has everything for everyone, from the kids playgrounds, water activities, bush-walking, to galleries, retail therapy and casual & fine dining.

Here are some pictures to enjoy!

20140607-232741-84461780.jpgSugar Loaf Rock

20140607-232743-84463753.jpgMe at Sugar Loaf Rock

IMG_6504These kids love to climbIMG_6637Love the water

IMG_6532Climbing at Sugar Loaf Rock

20140607-232743-84463549.jpgSurfing at Bunker Bay

IMG_6569Beautiful sunny winter morning at Bunker Bay


View from the Bunkers Beach Cafe, waiting for our lunch

IMG_6664The view from the top of Canal Rock

IMG_6646Canal Rocks

20140607-232744-84464345.jpgMe at Canal Rock

IMG_6467Meelup Beach

IMG_6469Having fun at Meelup Beach

IMG_6606Lovely Winter Scenery

IMG_6595The Vineyard



When the sun goes down at Yallingup Beach


Kids’ Kayaking, Mummy Posing

Have a lovely week-end people!


2 responses to “[ mini break ] dunsborough”

  1. waaaaaaaaaaa cakep banget semua view nya!!! mau juga dong kesana… hehehe


    1. Yiuuuux kesini Man!!😀😀


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