fashion fridays : b a t i k

20140607-180502-65102482.jpgBatik is an art and a fashion.  Batik is one of Indonesia’s ancient traditions. The word batik is originally from the Javanese tik, meaning “to dot”.  It is made either by drawing dots and lines, with wax, using a tool called a canting, or it  can also be made by printing with a copper stamp.  The batik of Indonesia is the most well-known.

Nowadays some fashion designers have introduce20140607-180459-65099341.jpgd batik into the world fashion scene, both in traditional and modern ways.  Not only is Batik used in clothing, it also can be used as home furnishings such as bed covers, cushions, tablecloths, etc.

Personally, I am not a huge batik person.  I like batik, I have batik cushions and even a clutch, but I don’t own many batik dresses, skirts, or kebaya (Indonesian traditional dress for women).  I prefer modern batik and  with colorful designs, such as batik Pekalongan.

Here are some of the batik styles that I love.  How about you, do you like batik?










Pictures are from Pinterest and Google images.

8 thoughts on “fashion fridays : b a t i k

  1. Ria, Being a Javanese myself I used to love batik from coastal region like Pekalongan because of its vibrant colors and Dutch Chinese influences in its motives. Then I got older, I began looking for more information about it. Did you know the Parang Rusak motive is only exclusively for the Yogyakartan royal family? This Parang Rusak (Parang means dagger) is the blouse the model wears in the second pic from above.

    Due to Islamic believe which forbids depicting animals, original batik motives are plants, flowers or klitik (from the word dot, example is the motive in the last picture). Unfortunately today the suppliers meet public’s demand to more colours in Batik. That’s why you have a red and green Mega Mendung (dark cloud) motive, originally from Cirebon. While in real life there is no red and green cloud, isn’t it?

    Ah, I just love Batik and its philosophy too much. I have two hand made Batik from my late Javanese grandma. The fabrics are thin and it smells wax. I am not supposed to wash it. I can talk hours about Batik.


    1. Yes Lo, I like batik pattern like that Parang Rusak (thanks for the info) it’s classic and somehow looks vintage, as well as the Pekalongan. I love the history of batik too, and I love love the smell of old kain batik! I like to see all the different pattern and colors of it, which am sure has its story.

      Thank you for the info about Mega Mendung, Cirebon batik always rich un color I think.


  2. batik..mmhh suka tapi gak yang model dark pattern gitu mba. lebih yang simple n casual. batik aku cuma punya 2 bijik ( dresss ya ) klo kain ada mayan beberapa tapi semua lungsuran nyokap n mama mertua hihihi


    1. Sama Nis, aku juga cendering suka yang modelnya casual dan warna warni makanya suka yang ala2 batik Pekalongan gitu. Tapi suka juga sih yang klasik pattern gitu…untuk rok misalnya. Kain batik apalagi lungsuran pasti kan yang uda lama, vintage gitu dunk Nis, you’re so lucky girl! 🙂


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