fashion friday : who says it has to be itsy bitsy

sun-AUSThough it is winter in this part of the world, another part of it is actually having a glorious sunny summer day…  I don’t really envy all of you who can wear flip-flop and summer dress, but I am longing for those warm day at the beach where you can splish splash in the refreshing cold water!

What are you wearing to the beach? Are you one piece person or itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka-dot bikini  when it comes to beach attire aka swimsuit?

As much as I would love to wear those little string bikinis at the beach, sometimes I have to remind myself that I no longer have flat abs like those models.  I have muffin top and love handles as the result of child-bearing and eat too many carbs and sweet, oh….and ageing too! Yeah….it’s easy to blame on those things than the fact that I have zero discipline for exercise :p

Lo and behold, buried deeply in the piles of teeny string bikinis, I find that one pieces and tankini with high-waisted style bottoms are a new trend that provides coverage, support and a little sex appeal.  So, you can hide the muffin top and still look hot!  One thing that I think is important when choosing your swimwear, make sure you find one that suits your body type.  Leave the crazy patterns and bright neon colors to the teenagers if you are passed that age.  Stick to solid color.  Wear high cut bikini bottom if you want to lengthen your leg. If you are a bit big on the top of your body part and don’t really want to expose them, wear bandeau kind of top or a halter neck style.

No matter what styles you choose, as long as you feel comfortable in it and do not forget to slip slop and slap, adding lotsa fun…I am sure you will have a good time!

Here are some pictures of swimsuits that I think it’s flattering and cool  🙂












15 Replies to “fashion friday : who says it has to be itsy bitsy”

          1. Nah itulah 🙂 Bikini pake waktu masih muda untuk berjemur aja Ri. Anak gw yang sekarang suka mengingatkan umur gw ha..ha…


  1. Thanks to lemak2 peyut ndut, aku blom pernah bikinian. Tp targetnya summer bsok mo bikinian, jd hayuk mba kta jln pagi yuk… Ikutan city to surf ga mba?


  2. Love the last pic mba. Dah gak PD pake bikini secara i got my own taco bell ahahahaha aka perut buncit 😭😭😭

    Oh sama high waist gitu aku masih PD si. Tp swimsuit ku yg sekarang mirip2 no 7 😃😃


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