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I’ve been neglected this blog perhaps long enough for you all to forget me 🙂 But… I have been very sick as a dog for the past week!  Honestly, I’ve never been sick like this before, ever in my life!

It started straight away after we were back from Singapore.  We arrived Friday morning, and on Saturday evening I started to feel not well.  On Tuesday I decided to go to see the doctor, he gave me antibiotic, which didn’t really work.  Thursday I got worse, I was very closed to call an ambulance, but instead called my girlfriend.  She came over and took me to the doctor, and made chicken soup for us.  I love you, woman! Again, he prescribed me with another dose of antibiotic, which thank God it worked this time.

Being very sick myself and also looking after another sick boy was an unpleasant situation.  All I wanted just lying around but now and then I had to get up, fix them drink, feed them, etc.  I felt horrible inside myself.

I am much better today, I start to feel (and perhaps look) like a human again.  My poor hubby had to come home earlier than he supposed to be from Brisbane, to look after us, while he wasn’t so flash himself.  Now, except me being ok, the rest of my little family are still sick.  The boys haven’t been to school for three days now.  I don’t know what kind of disease are attacking us at the moment.  Coughing, snotty nose, fever, bones aching, nausea,….you name it.  Whatever it is, I want it to go away.  I want us to be healthy again.

So, now you know what’s the reason of my MIA for a while.  Until we are all bouncing back again, post will be bit lighter.  If I don’t comment on your social media it’s just because I have no energy to think let alone typing it! 🙂 But I will try my best.

While my head is clear I would like to say, Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri to all who celebrate it.  Minal Aidin Wal Faizin.  Hope you are celebrating with your loved ones!


10 responses to “this mama life”

  1. Semoga pulih benar secepatnya ya mbak…


  2. ya ampun pada sakit ya…. moga2 semua cepet sehat lagi ya…


  3. Thank you everyone….I am on my recovery road, not sure about the kids 😦


  4. yaahhh the boys juga ikutan sakit juga ya mba 😦 . speedy recovery ya buat semuanya, mohon maaf lahir batin juga ya mba ria 🙂


    1. Nisaaaa…..met lebaran ya darjeling, maaf lahir batin😘 Iyaaa ini aku uda baik-an, gantian the boys yg sakit. Yg satu hari ini baru masuk sekolah, yg satunya lagi masih batuk2 ga jelas. Cape’ dweh… Btw, posisi dimana sekarang cint?😉


      1. Aku posisi masih diibukota yg kezam. Visa aku belum jadi. Malah visa bazyl yg udah jadi heheh. Kacau emang. Makanya judulnya nyusul lagi ini berduaan.

        Syukurlah kalau mba ria udah sembuh. Smoga the boys juga cepet sembuh ya. Jauh2 smuaaa virus husss hussss husssss ciauubellaaaaa *ngomong ala syahrince* 😜😜


        1. Eh koq lucu malah little mister uda jadi visanya ya😃 jadi big mister uda cabut lagi donk? Ntar bagi no hp ya biar bisa waslapan lagi kita…😊


          1. Iyaa tapi rapopo lah hikmahnya bisa lamaan sama ortu disini hihi. Pastinyaaa dong mba . Secara bakal banyak2 nanya nih 😬✌️✌️


            1. Enjoy Jakarta and your loved ones as long as you can Nis😘


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