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Life has been a bit hectic here.  Busy but good.  After a week holiday in Eastern state, I am back to the routine and mundane.  Back being a mum’s taxi, being a solo parenting for the whole two weeks, and back to….my mountain of laundry, aargghhh!  Sometimes, I wish someone would invent a machine kind of, or a robot maybe, which can do the washing, hanging, folding and ironing! Isn’t it a good idea?!

Anyway this week is pretty much full on with the kids stuff, from sport activities, school, homework, to art performance…oh my!  I feel like I need more than 24/7 and I wish I could cut myself into two so I could be in one place to drop this one and at the same time pick up the other one at a different spot.  Or…maybe I just need a private driver please! Honestly, their schedule is as tight as a CEO in the big company and they are just ten years old! I can’t keep up with them 🙂

So…this week-end I have been spending my time at the swimming stadium basically as early as 8 am until the latest 4pm.  Both of my boys are competing in Short Course this winter.  The thing about swimming is, the waiting time from one event to another is so bloody long! Especially when you do 400m or 800m…. I feel sorry for the swimmers but I am also bored and keep thinking, oh my God I haven’t put the dishes from this morning brekkie to dishwasher, I haven’t done groceries for Monday’s school lunch box, what’s for dinner, etc, etc.  Well, but when they do good and enjoy the swimming I am also happy and proud of them.  The boys are coming in 1st, 3rd, and 4th so far for 100m events.  Sorry, this mama needs to brag about it a bit :p

I will be glad when this week-end is over! Phewww….I can breathe a bit, and hopefully can catch up on my social stuff i.e.; blogging about my holiday to Victoria, please bear with me.  I usually already knackered by the time the children gone to bed at 8.30pm and my brain become dysfunctional. But I promise I will be posting  as soon as I have a spare time.

Meanwhile I have dinosaurs and pegasus/unicorn in my living room here that need to hop to bed soon!  This mama also needs to hit the sack  as well, for tomorrow we will have an early start again at the pool!



Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones and thank you for checking in here on occasion.


19 responses to “this mama life”

  1. Take you time & thank you for the updates. I love the Dino & Pegassus.


    1. Dino and Pegassus say hi, they love that onesie I don’t know why?😙


      1. G also loves her onesie, it’s comfy 😃


  2. kita juga mulai ngerasain schedule tambah ribet dan padat karena emma juga mulai punya kegiatan sendiri. tadinya kan cuma andrew, si emma ngintil doang. sekarang udah mesti pisah2an ngaterinnya. hahaha.


    1. Iya Man, makin mereka gede makin banyak aza kegiatan sana sini duuuh…cape’ dweh😊


  3. “Their schedule is as tight as CEO’s…”
    😝 I Iike that..😄 Hang on in there, Ria.. No children just yet, but I feel you.. Oh and I also look forward to having that kind of washing, ironing, folding robot😝
    Have a nice weekend😃


    1. Yup Em…sometimes I feel like am their personal driver which is kinda true! Well, maybe we have to find a genius to create the robot washing machine, good idea😛😀😆


      1. That is why I also call myself a household manager (manajer rumah tangga) since I got married nearly 5 years ago😝


        1. Yes, and we are the boss riiiiight!😉😀


  4. Mbaaa, baju bobonya lucu amat 😍


  5. Riaaaaa, kamu dong yg pakai kostum pink itu hohihi


  6. Well done boy. Everything revolves around them, hmmm… Sounds very familiar! Hahahaa.


  7. I have twins as well, both my husband and I have been their personal drivers for their activities, whether it is school outings, play-dates, sports activities or dance classes. My twins are in their last week of summer vacation, school starts next Tuesday and to tell you the truth…I can’t wait for them to go back to their routines. It’s been a busy summer for my twins with all different kind of day camps, sometime 2 different camps in a day.

    They were in a few hockey tournaments this summer, usually there’re 2 games in a day and sometime one’s in the morning and the other one’s in the afternoon, the worst part was that the rinks were too far away from home to be able to go home in between games, so we were stuck in the rink all day.

    But hey…they are only young once and we as parents will do anything for them no matter what it takes, on the other side we were the ones who sign them up for all the activities on the first place right? *wink*

    Love your writing about your life as a mama:):)


    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by here Gaareal😀 I know, you’re right, we were the ones who sign them up and encourage them to do this and that….hahaha karma! 😀😀 How old are your twins? My boys are 10 and they are in year 5. The thing is my hubby is on 2 wks on/off so sometimes I find it’s not always easy to juggle, but I’ve survived so far😊


  8. They will be 9 yrs old next month and will be going to grade 4. Iya karma mau mereka sibuk dan nyoba segalanya jadi parentsnya yg repot:) I work full time as well so between me and hubby, kita mesti jugglenya lebih lebih lagi, dan kita coba sign up mereka to the same activities jadi ga pisah2 dan nyetir kemana mana gitu:)


  9. Your life as a mama is soo tight on schedule, tapi kebayang sebenernya seruuu… 😉
    Anyway, beneran nyengir2 ketawa sendiri liat itu dino & pegassus di ruang tamu. They are 10 but still soooo cutee! ahaha.


    1. Hi Cicha! Yeah I think there’s a fun side of being mum’s driver and I probably will long for it when they don’t need me to drive them around anymore hiks!

      Thanks for the comment on pegasus and dino…:) they are still my babies no matter how old are they 🙂


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