fashion fridays: ripped it


Ripped jeans are a staple fashion items for such as long as I know.  Honestly, I’ve been wearing ripped jeans since I was in college which was a very long time ago.  At that time it wasn’t big thing like today though!  I love ripped jeans, it’s edgy, kind of grunge look, and fun.  Personally I don’t think ripped jeans suits everyone….in my opinion, again, in my point of view, people with sweet and demure personalities are not really fit into this ripped kind of jeans. I hope you know what I mean.  Like I can’t imagine someone who loves pastel colors, flowers pattern, ribbons and tiaras personality wear this kind of jeans.  It’s just not match.  Perhaps, if  the ripped is not too much distressed and shredded and its skinny fit, and wear it with cute top, they can get away with it.  I really think you should dress as your own personality, not just follow the trend. While in my opinion ripped jeans are more laid back and free spirit style  🙂

Ripped jeans can look chic but also if it’s too much can be shabby and tarty.  Here are some pictures that I think it’s cool.

For casual looks







For not so casual looks


IMG_0932friday casual at work?




IMG_0931this look can be more relax if you pair it with snickers or slip-ons instead of Valentino heels, but I like those shoes! 🙂

Last but not least, I love to pair my ripped with plain white tee and a pair of heeled sandals or leather boots (depending on what season it is) for Sunday afternoon drink.  Or when I am on my mummy duties I will pair my ripped with sneakers or flats…..that’s about as laid back as I get!

What about you?  Are you a fans of this distressed and shredded denim ? Would love to hear from you 🙂 Happy week-end everyone….by the way for those who live in Australia, don’t forget this Sunday is Father’s Day! Go spoil your Dad, and husband I suppose…just for one day only 🙂 🙂


19 thoughts on “fashion fridays: ripped it

  1. I know what you mean Ria, people like me 🙂 Although I wore ripped jeans at the uni but I don’t wear it anymore now as it doesn’t match with my style, ibu-ibu chique casual style. Don’t get me wrong I love to see those who can pull this style off, like you for example 🙂


    1. Aaaww Lo, i don’t consider you sweet and demure, yes, you are demure and beautiful and chique but you’re not that type yg ‘klemer2’ gitu loh. I don’t know, the other day I saw this girl, she has pretty swet face, very very lemah lembut, baik tingkah laku dan cara ngomong, i happened to speak to her in the end, and she dressep up very grunge, her ripped jeans almost bared it all. I found it a bit strange and inspired me to write about ripped jeans. I reckon you still can pull the style in chique manner off, Lo😘


      1. Ha….ha…iya juga ya. Gw memang ngga klemar klemer 🙂 Perhaps I’d wear one, I’d combine it with a cashmere pullover this winter if I can bear the cold. I totally understand what you mean, when style doesn’t match the personality, it just feels wrong, that something doesn’t connect, right?


  2. tau ga sih mbak, seumur hidup aku hanya punya 1 ripped jeans, tp terus diomelin ama bokap. Jadinya sejak saat itu ga pernah pake dan punya lagi:p But i think i m gonna buy one tho , it looks pretty cool and suits to my converse collection :))


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