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This post is in lieu of the 2nd anniversary of  “Indonesia in My Pocket”

The most fun time in my life in the last two years was when I traveled solo to New York City.  I traveled all the way across the Pacific ocean and thousands of km away from where I live, by myself, for the first time since I became a mother.  I thank my wonderful husband for letting me have “me time” and looking after the boys for two and a half weeks.

I like holidaying with my family, but it’s nice to travel just by myself too.  No kids tagging along, no nagging husband.  For a short period it’s just nice to have myself for myself.  Being away from my little family make me appreciate what I have and when I am back I am fully recharged to be a better mother and wife.



35 responses to “flying solo”

  1. Lorraine says:

    Precious me time experience Ria 🙂 You look gorgeous in the last pic.


  2. Vemy Daggers says:

    I bet you were thinking about the boys all the time tho, lol.


  3. ohdearria says:

    Of course, especially when I saw kids at their age or went to kids shops! 🙂 For more on it you can find it in my travel section, or this is the link

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  4. cerita4musim says:

    from down under to the up town :))
    berapa jam flight tuh mbak dari Perth?


    • ohdearria says:

      Dari Perth aku flew to Melbourne dulu which was about 3.5 hours, then Melb – LA 13 jam-an kali, trus LA _ NYC about 3 hrs kalo ga salah…pokoknya lumayan pegel deh Feb 🙂 But lucky the flight all the way and back was smooth and pretty good, thanks to Qantas 🙂


  5. gaareal says:

    Cakep loh fotonya, chic gitu kesannya!!
    NYC is one of my favorite place to go. Pilihan yg tepat. I had the chance to travel with my mom and my sister sans kids or hubby. It was a different kind of trip, just enjoying the togetherness of my mother and sister after so many years living apart. But I was so glad to be back home at the end of the trip like you said…to be a better mother and wife:):)


    • ohdearria says:

      Ma kasih Gaareal 🙂 Iya, bener kan…after a me time kita jadi semangat lagi untuk jadi ibu dan istri yang baik hehehe… Your trip sounded fun too, I would love to do it if only i had sister :p Yeah NYC is always fun, especially for the girls trip! 🙂


  6. Mba Ria, makasih banyak loh untuk ikutan. 🙂 The trip sounds super fun! I love traveling Solo and I think NYC would be perfect for that.


    • ohdearria says:

      I thank you darling…soalnya belom perna nih ikutan give away kayak gini, selama ini nge-blogging cuma untuk dibaca sendiri aza, but lately setelah kenal beberapa blogger baru berani dey ikut ini dan itu 🙂 xx


  7. Arman says:

    wah bener2 me time ya… 😀


  8. shintadaniel says:

    Aak at first i think you travel to Solo mbak, hahaha.. *dasarcahndeso.. eh mbak, ah sudahlah ikut2an Febi aja manggil mbak gpp yaa hihihihi… keren abis deh.. harusnya judulnya travel with style to NYC 🙂


  9. chris13jkt says:

    Yup, me time memang perlu untuk re-charge ya Mbak, dan for the hubby . . dia juga jadi lebih bisa appreciate peran sang istri karena dia juga merasakan repotnya mengurus keluarga selama ditinggal sang istri 🙂


    • ohdearria says:

      Aaah…good to hear from the male point of view Chris! 🙂 Betul sekali, jadi suami juga bisa merasakan repotnya ngurus anak dan pernak pernik rumah tangga kan ya!
      Kita suka gantian sih, jadi ada waktunya I gotta let him go on “his time” too…biasanya mancing or hiking 🙂 🙂


  10. nyonyasepatu says:

    emang terkadang seru juga ya jalan sendirian hehe. aku paling sebel solo traveling gitu cuman pas mau ke toilet sama foto2 haha


  11. Aw…you look stunning!😄👍 Happy for you with this wonderful “me time”!


  12. kutubuku says:

    I love NYC. It’s so fun!


  13. Christa says:

    Ah i love to travel solo too.. at least once a year. I hope when I got married my husband will still allow me to, like yours. 🙂


  14. Precious me time ya 😀 You look fab in the last pic like you always have!


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