flying solo



This post is in lieu of the 2nd anniversary of  “Indonesia in My Pocket”

The most fun time in my life in the last two years was when I traveled solo to New York City.  I traveled all the way across the Pacific ocean and thousands of km away from where I live, by myself, for the first time since I became a mother.  I thank my wonderful husband for letting me have “me time” and looking after the boys for two and a half weeks.

I like holidaying with my family, but it’s nice to travel just by myself too.  No kids tagging along, no nagging husband.  For a short period it’s just nice to have myself for myself.  Being away from my little family make me appreciate what I have and when I am back I am fully recharged to be a better mother and wife.



35 Replies to “flying solo”

      1. Masaaa? Yg lain pada bisa thu Vem, itu Shinta bisa buka linknya? Kalo notif emang suka ngambekan kayaknya or gimana gue juga ga ngerti. Karna postingan elo juga waktu itu perna ga masuk di notif gue padahal gue following blog elo…yah gini lah namanya gratisan web site hehehe…


    1. Dari Perth aku flew to Melbourne dulu which was about 3.5 hours, then Melb – LA 13 jam-an kali, trus LA _ NYC about 3 hrs kalo ga salah…pokoknya lumayan pegel deh Feb 🙂 But lucky the flight all the way and back was smooth and pretty good, thanks to Qantas 🙂


  1. Cakep loh fotonya, chic gitu kesannya!!
    NYC is one of my favorite place to go. Pilihan yg tepat. I had the chance to travel with my mom and my sister sans kids or hubby. It was a different kind of trip, just enjoying the togetherness of my mother and sister after so many years living apart. But I was so glad to be back home at the end of the trip like you said…to be a better mother and wife:):)


    1. Ma kasih Gaareal 🙂 Iya, bener kan…after a me time kita jadi semangat lagi untuk jadi ibu dan istri yang baik hehehe… Your trip sounded fun too, I would love to do it if only i had sister :p Yeah NYC is always fun, especially for the girls trip! 🙂


    1. I thank you darling…soalnya belom perna nih ikutan give away kayak gini, selama ini nge-blogging cuma untuk dibaca sendiri aza, but lately setelah kenal beberapa blogger baru berani dey ikut ini dan itu 🙂 xx


  2. Aak at first i think you travel to Solo mbak, hahaha.. *dasarcahndeso.. eh mbak, ah sudahlah ikut2an Febi aja manggil mbak gpp yaa hihihihi… keren abis deh.. harusnya judulnya travel with style to NYC 🙂


  3. Yup, me time memang perlu untuk re-charge ya Mbak, dan for the hubby . . dia juga jadi lebih bisa appreciate peran sang istri karena dia juga merasakan repotnya mengurus keluarga selama ditinggal sang istri 🙂


    1. Aaah…good to hear from the male point of view Chris! 🙂 Betul sekali, jadi suami juga bisa merasakan repotnya ngurus anak dan pernak pernik rumah tangga kan ya!
      Kita suka gantian sih, jadi ada waktunya I gotta let him go on “his time” too…biasanya mancing or hiking 🙂 🙂


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