gym etiquette please

huge.0.986Dear fellow gym members,

I just want to say a little of my concern…just a bit okay ๐Ÿ™‚ Here they are:

1.ย  When you come in late to the class (because parking is nightmare or whatever reason), please don’t push other people instead you have to be at the back row and please don’t creep your way up to where I stand, because, you know what, first I can kick your eyes or head by accident when I do combat, because I just don’t realize that you are so very close behind or next to me! Second, it’s the rules that you don’t push people when you are late to the class.ย  And….don’t ask me to be in the front row either when you’re trying to take my spot, please please don’t do it to me because you know I can kick your behind very well!

2.ย  Please don’t hog the gym equipment either for yourself or your dear friends.ย  Those mattress, dumbbells, skipping ropes, etc are belong to the GYM not YOU.ย  Especially when I am about to pick one of them and you won’t allowed me because it’s reserved for yourself or your dear friends.ย  We are all members, we pay equally to be the member therefore we have the same right to use the gym’s facility. So please don’t tell me I can not have the dumbbells because you reserve it for your dear friends.

3.ย  This is my least concern, but anyway I will let you know.ย  I know you love your dear friends very dearly that you would like to spend time and exercise together.ย  But please, don’t talk and laugh so loud (especially at yoga class), also can you please not chatting over the phone while we are all trying to do push up or lift the 10 kg weight over our head? You can do that later, over coffee and chit-chat when the session is done and dusted. Or if that is an important call, you can take it outside the room that way you don’t have to raise your voice against the blasting music and your conversation is kept private. Just a gentle suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚gym1

That’s all I would like to say.ย  Not much but I will be appreciated if you take action. For your information, I have raised my concern to the club’s manager/staff and they acknowledged (and noticed) the matter.ย  Let us be healthy and happy in harmony, shall we?



15 responses to “gym etiquette please”

  1. Aku suka ngalamin ketemu geng yang saling ngetek shower, loker, dan hairdryer kalo di ruang ganti.. iiiih sebel. mana biasanya abis gym maunya buru buru kan.. ini jadi nungguin lama.


  2. Sama Ria, kadang ketemu ini digym dan juga di kendaraan umum, pesta (ngetek kursi). Dan kebanyakan perempuan, kenapa ya? Nyebelin banget menurut gw. Dan bener loe bilang, kan kita juga bayar.


    • Lo, perempuan dan Asia kalo kasusnya di gym gue ini. Huuuh malu2in orang Asia aza khan! Gue tegur, malah dia bales pake bahasa planet yg gue ga ngerti, definitely bukan English…ya sutra gue pikir dia ga ngerti tata tertib-nya gym. Eh ternyata setelah ditegur sama staff di gym, masih juga thu!


      • Coba sekali loe nekad ambil dumbelnya Ria, penasaran gw mereka akan ngomong apa. Disini yang suka ngetek gitu ya bukan hanya orang Asia, londo juga. Pengalaman gw selama ini sebagian besar perempuan.


  3. Aku jarang ngegym jadi gak tau apa ada kelakuan orang2 kaya yang mba mention diatas. Aku pikir yang kaya gitu2 cuma ada di indo aja aja . Taunya disini juga adaa toh ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜


    • Di gym aku yang deket rumah ini ada Nis yg aga jauhan orang2nya lebih tau aturan Nis. Jadi memang ga semua sih. Dan yg bikin malu, orang Asia pula huhuhuuu…๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ


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