this, that, and festive season

dogDecember is finally here.  The last month of the year.  Not long til we say good-bye to 2014 and welcome 2015.  And, it is only a few weeks away until Christmas! I am always excited about this festive season, I love the atmosphere during this time of the year.  Christmas decoration is every where, in the shops, at the restaurants/cafes, on the streets, just every where!  Oh…and I love Christmas carols too! Love, love, love this festive season!

Most of my Christmas shopping is done.  This year, I am getting better at keeping my ground and maintaining my priorities.  It’s so easy to get carried away and end up buying things that actually I don’t need.  Choosing the right gifts for every one is also a headache for me. Especially for the children and the male ones.  Surely, I can’t give them Lego and socks, or book and I tunes card again, can I ? 🙂

Since most of my shopping is done, I can relax and don’t have the pressure of going to the crowd shopping mall hunting for pressies.  Instead I can just bask in the good of the season, ocean swims, alfresco dinner and togetherness.  Also, today is the first day of summer here in down under.  Bring on the blue skies, warm nights, outdoor cinemas and long beach days. I am hoping and praying that this summer the temperature will just settle around 30 max.  I am so not looking forward to 40 degree heat!

What about you? Have you been shopping for Christmas gifts? Have you put up the Christmas tree ? Whenever you decide to put up your tree, or even if you don’t put up a tree, at all, I hope you have a fun-tastic holiday season!

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12 responses to “this, that, and festive season”

  1. This year we have a plan to go somewhere and enjoy the xmas seasons in a relax way 🙂

    not sure if we are going to buy a xmas tree too, probably will enjoy the xmas tree in the xmas market ixixixi ketauan malesnya :))


    1. Ahh your life is so nice always on holidays, am jello😀😊
      Whereever you go for this festive season I hope you two will have a great time Feb!😘


      1. the same best wishes for you and yours too mbak Ri !


  2. mudah2an summer disana tetap adem,,nih saya bagi2 hawa musim dingin disini biar gk terlalu panas 😀


  3. lucu fotonya!!! 😀

    sama.. kita xmas shopping nya juga udah kelar. kado2 udah dibeli semua. nyetak kartu natal juga udah. tinggal menikmati liburan aja nih. hahaha.


    1. Iya kan Man, less stress gitu kalo uda beres nyari kado. Apalagi makin deket ke Christmas makin rame deh shopping malls!


  4. 1st day of summer kmren mendung seharian tapi agak panas mbaa. Hari ini puanas tapi windy. Mau ke city cek2 sephora udah ready belum buat gunting pita weekend ntar wkwkwkwk. Anyway itu si sammy ya mba? ;p


    1. Ihh sama dengan disini Nis. Kemarin malah pake hujan dwonk! Hari ini 28 tapi mendung…yah stay like this as long as ga 40 degree I can handle dweh😀

      Oh ya Sephora uda buka lom Nis? Coba ceki2 sekalian gunting pita sapa tau dapet goodie bag bagi2 kesini yah😛😛


    2. Teuteup ya bokkkk, Sephora dibahas emmm!! 😂😂😂

      Wah, senengnya yg udh beres xmas shopping. Kmrn gw msh nganter mertua buat nyari2 xmas presents n anak2 pada pengen bantuin mertua pasang pohon natal, hihihi. Happy holidays, Ria! 😘


  5. hua lucu banget fotonya 🙂 kenapa gak marah ya dia dililit lampu2 gitu hehe


  6. Waduh I have not even started my shopping yet, do the twins still believe in Santa? Mine do 🙂 We are looking forward to any snow storm so we can have a white Christmas and tobogganing during the Christmas break. I remember my summer Christmas in Melbourne, it was kinda weird back then.
    I haven’t put my tree up yet, maybe next week, I do not want to but of course I can’t get away with it, it is not Christmas if there is no tree. And of course putting up the tree is a part of the ritual.
    Enjoy the warm weather!!!


    1. I’m more organize with my Christmas shopping this year, Gaareal😀 unfortunately my boys don’t believe in Santa anymore…hikks! Their friends at school told them that Santa is not true hikss hikks…😰
      Yeah, after living in UK for almost 5 years we found a bit strange to have Christmas in summer, for a while. Now we get used to. Would love to have white Christmas though! The boys wanted to put up the tree, so it all set last week. Enjoy the white Christmas…I only can dream of it!😇


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