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We are having 6 weeks school holiday here in down under.  My children won’t be back to school until second of February.  They will be year 6 this year, the last grade in primary school.  Oh no….and then they are going to middle school / high school the following year.  Time flies quick enough, huh.

This time except a mini trip to Victoria and Dunsborough we have no plan to go holiday overseas.  My mother is still here, so there’s no point for us to visit Jakarta.  We are lucky enough since this is a summer holiday so the weather is allowed us to do outdoor activities, though when it was scorching 40 degree being outside is not a nice option at all.  We haven’t had the 40 degrees yet, I am hoping and praying that this year, summer is not so damn hot.  Fingers cross!

The boys so far are still busy with their surf lesson and swimming four times a week.  The last two weeks we spent a lot of time being at the beach, either it was swimming, snorkeling, surfing, fishing, or crabbing!  When they are not in the water, they will draw, jump on trampoline, or play with their gadget.  They are allowed to play on their Ipod for couple hours during this school holidays, as long as they have done their chores which are; reading a book for 15 minutes, feeding the chooks, and picking the tomatoes and (sweetcorn at the moment) chillies from our veggies garden.  I promised them to take them to the movie to see Annie and Night At The Museum 3, as a reward for swimming 1600 meters at the sea today and they came first and second in their age group. Yay for the latter! 🙂

I haven’t heard the words, ” I am bored ” yet from my two monkeys.  Not yet.  I am lucky that I don’t work this school holidays, plus my mother is here too, so I can be with them most of the time.  I don’t mind school holidays, yes my house will be bit messy, but at least we can sleep in and no lunch boxes to prepare every morning! 🙂

So, what do you do with your children on school holidays when you are not going anywhere? How do you keep them entertained and busy enough during this summer school holidays? Please do share, I would love to hear some cool ideas to keep children happy and busy enough during this time of the year.

Happy holidays! IMG_3189logo ohdearria

16 responses to “school holidays”

  1. kunjungan perdana, salam perkenalan ya bu 🙂


    1. Hallo Putri ma kasi uda mampir sini dan salam kenal juga ya. Btw, jangan panggil ibu deh panggil Ria aza is ok 😃😃


  2. Bazyl juga toddler and swim classnya masih libur mba sampai 2 minggu kedepan. Sementara ya ajak main ke park or ke beach or dia lagi suka main playdoh dia pikir itu nugget T_T


    1. Play dough itu fun ya, meskipun suka belepotan dan suka susah bersiinnya apalagi kalo pas kena di carpet. Sama dunk, dulu the boys juga suka main play dough sekarang….. play station 😉😊


  3. Doing art and craft mba… I have mini project with my two cheeky monkeys. Making christmas tree, snowflakes etc… coloring too..and as a reward we went to Kidspace (indoor playground)


    1. Jadi inget waktu mereka masih kecil demennya juga coloring. Kalau sekarang craft yang mereka suka adalah bikin kapal terbang dari kayu or lego gitu, sama drawing and painting. Di Jakarta kapan masuk sekolahnya Jo? Disini masih lama, tgl 2 Feb nanti.


      1. wahhh enaknyaaa masih lama.
        gwin dah masuk dari hari selasa mba ria….


  4. Selamat tahun baru 🙂


  5. Enak bgt ya liburan dsana itu bisa olahraga air. Dsini keluar dr air biru2 bibir gw 😂😂😂
    Anak2 gw biasanya tea party (kebayang gak sih the twins tea party-an! Wkwkwk), board games, lego, kereta2an, baking, bikin2 topeng atau apa gt, trus paling pretend cinema kl dirumah. N semua kegiatan pasti ada mknannya, hahaha.


    1. Hahaha the boys disuruhtea party Vem? Ga ngebayangiiiin😜 Eh tapi setaun lalu mereka nemu old tea set toy di garasi entah milik siapa, trus naik lah ke tree house berdua plus sammy the dogs, voila they were having a high tea! I should take a pic ya buat pas mrk 21 nanti😀😀

      The boys selaiin main di air or park or skate or biking kl di dalem rumah cenderung main gadget, nonton tv or baca buku or playing lego!


  6. Well, since it is winter here, and there’s not much sports activity outside, this time of the year when there’s a lot of snow around, we usually go tubing, tobogganing and indoor, we go skating and playing hockey for the kids. They do snowball fight or building snowmen/ igloos. Tentu aja banyak keluar makan2 dengan teman2 karna lagi holiday season. My twins like to play lego, drawings and playing with their Rubik cubes that they got from Santa :).
    In the summer, they will be staying outdoor playing sports with each other, biking to the library, lake/ playground at the park or to their tennis lessons.
    We went to the beach last summer (pertama kali mereka ke ocean beach) and they stayed on the beach/ pool all day everyday for 5 days and never went anywhere else…..Oh how I miss summer.

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    1. My boys like Lego tapi yg robot2an itu Gaareal, they bike to the park too or to the nearby supermarket to buy me milk 😃 They haven’t seen snow yet, one day we will take them to see snow and learn to ski😉


      1. My son likes the Starwars Lego and for my daughter likes the Lego creative, she got the Christmas market last from Santa:)
        The kids are often invited to play hockey outside at one of their friends’ house DIY backyard rink.
        Why don’t you visit Toronto during your summer vacation? There’s plenty of snow here but the temperature can get really nasty, it was -17C yesterday and today it is -14C. My kids can teach your boys how to play hockey too:)


        1. Canada is in our bucketlist Gaareal! Can’t imagine if we really meet and our kids playing together!! 🙂


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