le week-end through my Iphone


It’s Monday again! Wow the week-end just went so quick, too quick, I wish week-end last forever hehehe 🙂

Anyway, how was your week-end? Mine was pretty good.  We started the Saturday morning a bit slow, slept in a bit, then had our coffee and brekkie at the back verandah while planning our day.

It was Valentine’s Day on Saturday as well, while my husband and I don’t really ‘celebrate’ the V’s Day so we didn’t give each other pressies nor did I get my roses hahaha…. V’s Day for us is kind of hit and miss, last year  I got dozens of red roses sent from Brisbane with a box full of delicious dark chocolates, where he was located.  This year I just got  a sweet kisses :p  I suppose when he’s away his romantic soul is more transparent and perhaps he misses me too when we’re apart for two weeks or so.  I have nothing against Valentine’s Day, though I don’t celebrate the love day in a special way, but I appreciate those who celebrate and love Valentine’s Day.  It’s no harm,  if any V’s day will spread love across the nation and world and may the love will bring peace to everyone heart and not negative vibe.

Back to my week-end…. we decided to go to the city to see The Giants.  The Giants, a 6 metre tall girl and 11 metre tall diver have spent the past three days searching for each other across Perth.  This show is part of Perth International Arts Festival.  Read the complete story here and if you would like to see more photos of The Giants you can click here as well.  We were planning to take a train, but as I can predict the train station car park was full, so we drove and lucky we could get park!

Here are some of the pictures of our Saturday spent with The Giants in the city.  Pictures were taken with Iphone so they are not the best ones.

IMG_4617-0the crowds in the city IMG_4644the diver

IMG_4646 it was 30C degree so a bit of showers was just refreshing for the diver! 🙂

IMG_4647the diver before he went to sleep

IMG_4645finally he had a nap!

IMG_4642while the girl was also having a snooze.  we didn’t get a chance to see the girl walked, couldn’t be at the two different spots at the same time

IMG_4626-0my mother and I in front of the St. Mary Cathedral Church

Saturday night my husband and I had a date, we went out for simple dinner before watching a play Le Miserables.  This play is part of my birthday pressie, lucky me! That was how we ended our Saturday.

Then Sunday, back to the business as usual….up and out of the house by 6.30am to the beach, to the beach….again!  Perhaps you all are bored too reading and looking at my Instagram feed for beach activities every Sunday.  Well, if you are bored I am exhausted and have enough of it.  But I don’t think I can get away with it, at least not until next month.  This Sunday the Boys were competing for State Qualifier.  If they get through the State Qualifier then in couple weeks they will compete in State Surf Life.

The sea was bit rough with very strong rip currents, which made me think why oh why had to be like this on the day of competition!  But it didn’t make less different for the children, they seem to have no fear at all ? I’d like to say no brain perhaps 🙂

IMG_4669Here are the U11 Fremantle Boys who got through to the State for Surf Swim


My son and his mate and his coach, they both went through for the State Iron-man.

IMG_4677Despite that he got dumped to the shore couple times, this baby of mine went through for the State Surf Board.  I’m very proud of him not only he didn’t pulled out of any of the events considering how rough the sea was, but also for his determination and always want to try his best.  Love ya kiddo!

That’s all the sum up of my week-end.  Happy Monday everyone, hope your week will be awesome!

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Hi I'm Ria! A hippie heart and gypsy soul mama who loves plants, yoga, blue & white chinas, & thrifty finds. I like to bake and cook something delicious (and healthy) for my twin boys and le hubby. I have golden retriever dog named Sammy, and couple of love birds. I take my boys to sports as early as 5 in the morning and on the weekend. On this blog, I'm mostly rambling about my every day life as an everyday mama, wife, and human being who live in the suburbs. I love sharing snippets about my family, our adventures and holidays. So, if you like what you find here please stay with me. If you don't, simply just close this page. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy reading my stories. xx

6 thoughts on “le week-end through my Iphone”

  1. Weekend always went by so fast! I need three-day weekend!!

    Mine was mostly spent at home. I went out with friends on Friday night and woke up with huge hangover Saturday, and that’s the end of the story LOL


  2. Same here, 3 day weekend is a very good idea! So we have one more day to recover hehehe

    Couple years ago when I was still young and full of energy, I used to go out dancing and drink on Friday nights, then felt terrible/hangover on saturday, especially when I had to take them to any sports they were in. Thanks God I learnt my lesson Va😛 nowadays am wiser 😉😉


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