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Pretty sure most of you out there have read a lot of this film reviews. I myself also read many of the reviews from the media as well as bloggers I follow.  Still, here is my version.

To cut the crap short, I am disappointed with Fifty Shades of Grey the movie. While I am not a big fans of the book itself, though I had read them all, I still think the book version is better than the movie. It is always like that,isn’t it?!

The whole film is about negotiation or compromises whether Ms. Steele will agree to Mr. Grey’s ‘play room’ rules. Well, instead of dinner and movie (and sex later) Christian offers butt plugs, genital clamps, and other kinky stuff to Ana.  The plot is lame and so slow. The sex scene is not as dirty as advertised, again the books’ version is hotter and steamier  ( Or maybe I am expecting too much here! ).  Half  way of the movie I felt bored and sleepy! Personally, I don’t like Jamie Dornan’s acting as Christian Grey at all. He doesn’t look that cool like what I had pictured Mr. Grey is as the book portrayed him, nor sexy. Handsome yes. I think, he’s a little too sweet to play Mr. Grey. And did you know in the book it said Christian has piercing grey eyes, while Jamie has just a fine shade of blue, I know I become too picky here 🙂 But I like Dakota Johnson, I think she plays her role good enough.  She looks cute and innocence when she’s interviewing Christian Grey.  She just looks like the girl next door, the girl that you often see in the day-to-day life.  Her clothes, make-up, just perfect to describe her character.  Thumbs up for Miss.  Johnson!

In my opinion the film was failed to capture the excitement of the books 🙂 I exited the cinema feeling flat (and hungry), nothing, nada.  While this afternoon my girlfriends and I were so hot with excitement…hehehe… 🙂 So, if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t rush to the cinema. Just wait for its dvd. Because 50 shades of grey is more like 50 shades of boring.

By the way, with the cliffhanger ending I am wondering if there will be another sequel of Fifty Shades? Just curious.


Laters, baby…:)

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24 responses to “[ movie review ] 50 shades of grey”

  1. Iya selalu buku pasti lbh bagus dari filmnya ya. Gw gak baca bukunya dan gak tau ceritanya jd nonton without any expectation. 🙂

    Filmnya laku keras begini, No 1 box office, ya udh pasti bakal dibikin sequel nya hahaha


  2. Iihh dah nonton ya mba yg kemarin dipath sama gank mba itu yaa hihihi. Iya ya banyak yang bilang biasa aja. Better tunggu dibrental cable aja kali yaa. Tapi kan oenasaran hehehe. Aku baru baca bukunya yg pertama aja. Tapi waktu liat trailer film ini pertama kali liat yg jadi mr grey langsung “yaaahhh” beda jauhhh ama yg aku bayangin dibuku . Menurut aku yg cocok dibayanganku itu si liam hemsworth or scot foley ;p


    • Iya Nis, kemarin kita nonton ber-5, emak2 rempong bener deh secara nontonnya ounnyg jam 10am hahaha….biar keburu lunch dan jemput our monkeys😀

      Setuju kan Nis, yg jadi Christian kurang ‘heboh’ ya seperti bayangan kita kalo baca bukunya😉 Aku uda baca Trilogynya makanya kuciwa dengan filmnya. Tunggu di popcorn aza Nis or nonton pas selasa biar setengah harga😀😀😍😍


  3. Belom baca bukunya dan belom nonton pula, memang rata rata bukunya selalu lebih bagus dari filmnya ya Ria. Mungkin nanti kalo udah keluar DVDnya baru pinjem di library 🙂
    Bukunya sih punya tapi belom sempet baca juga. maybe one of these day:)


  4. I watched it with my bf on Valentine’s Day and we both almost fell asleep during the last 30 min. of the movie. 😂
    Harusnya seperti Twilight ada voice over untuk suara hatinya si Ana, jadi lebih ‘deep’ gitu 😏


    • Hi Stephanie, whole hearted agree with you!! I was bored and sleepy too half way the film started. Yes, maybe with voice over can make the feeling more intense and drama, perhaps😉
      Thanks for dropping by here😘😘


  5. Aaah i agree with this review. Atau mungkin aku berekspetasi lebih ya sama film ini. Yang jadi Grey kurang gahar, kurang cool. Anastasia on the first half is disappointed in my opinion. Kurang lugu. Adegan panasnya juga kurang panas yaa hahahaha
    Keluar dari bioskop sama temen2 diskusi, yaah nggak hot nih hahahah aku nonton bareng suami, sama temen suami cewek cowok. Yang cewek ini agak shock sama BDSM, lebih ke violence menurut dia. Yang cowok2 kecewa :p aku juga siih. Nanggung pula akhirnya huuuuft


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