on death row


I am usually not the kind of person who voices my opinion about politics or any ‘international’ issue. I read, talk, and discuss it with my husband but I rarely put my point of view out on social media. Only this time, I would like to give a little piece of my mind about the death punishment. About Andrew and Myuran who are facing execution in Indonesia.

Personally, I do not agree with the death penalty. Mainly because I think the One who gives life is the One who takes life. As for those two men, yes they smuggled drugs in this case, heroin. They should be punished hard. They have served some time, maybe not long enough, they appear to regret their actions and they will never repeat again. Maybe they can do some good and warn or educate others. One thing for sure is they can do no good with a bullet through their head. Drugs are plentiful and cheap in Indonesia. It seems the death penalty is no deterrent.

Why can’t Indonesia government give them a second chance to live. I don’t ask for them to be set free, perhaps more time in prison will be fair. They smuggled drugs, but they are not the one who inject the drug to someone’s blood. They don’t force the drug user. They didn’t bomb and kill dozens or hundred of innocence people. They didn’t rape women and under age children. They’re not involved in millions $$ corruption with other people’s money which causes suffering to the poorest. I have relatives who have suffered the ultimate price from using drugs so I have no misunderstanding about how evil they are. But still, ultimately, it was their choice or bad decisions.

I am also amazed at how cruel and disturbing some Indonesians’ opinion is regarding this matter. As if they don’t have a heart at all. Some of the comments I read are really insane i.e. ” …wish they were chopped up in small pieces”. Just try to put yourself in those two family shoes. Just imagine if it happened to your family, or your sibling, uncles, close friends. One rule for Indonesian people and a different rule for visitors, and then the hypocrisy for them to plead their nationals don’t get the death penalty in other countries! I am ashamed.

If Indonesia wants to eradicate the drugs problem, I reckon the government needs to educate the people first. Second, it is better to focus equally on how to destroy the corruption, collusion and nepotism forever rather than on how to punish a drug dealers by shooting them dead.

That is a bit of my rambling thought. I stand for mercy.

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4 thoughts on “on death row

  1. I do not agree on the death penalty that Indonesia holds for the foreigner, it is a little harsh especially when it does not apply for their own people, are they favoring their own nationals?
    I am not sure if I do agree with the death penalty in overall, Canada does not have death penalty and I do believe that some crime can only be justified by death but it is not our place to decide or to take someone’s life. I rather see the criminals rotten in jail in a seclusion with no contact with the outside world with no chance of parole at all.

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