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I am not a professional make up artist or even beauty blogger. And I am not trying to be one either, I hardly write thing about beauty products at all. Also this is not a sponsor post or whatever you call it.

I just love make up and its product and a loyal customer :p  Yesterday as you perhaps knew I was so happy to find my kind of Sephora shop (mind you Sephora hasn’t reached Perth yet) called Kit in the city. So yeah, of course I had bought a few items from my lovely store and here’s my thought on it.


Josie Maran Argan Tinted Moisturizer

Oh my Lord! I am in love with this. For just a little dab on your skin, gives you a glowing, dewy skin and not sticky at all.  It covers freckles and/or spots, I am really amazed! Most of tinted moisturizer that I have used, made my skin oily which was not good since I’m a natural oily skin person. This Josie Maran Argan also has natural broad spectrum SPF 30 so it can be doubled as face sun-screen as well. I really love this product and highly recommended to people with oily skin like mine.

Too Faced Melted Lipstick

Love and love this melted lippie. The texture is soft, moist and last long. The brush applicator is pretty handy, it glides smoothly on your lips so you don’t need lip brush anymore.  The color I am wearing is melted velvet. It suits my skin color and since it is bright enough but not so bright red, I am confident enough to use it during the day without feeling ‘too expose’ if you know what I mean.

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara in drama & curl. 

I only applied one coat and it already thickens my lashes and somehow lengthen it too. It’s water resistant so it won’t crumble, flake or fade. I like the curvaceous brush it makes applying to my lashes easier and give instant curl too. It is also paraben free and it comes in squeezy tube, how cool is that!

All in one I am very happy with my purchased yesterday. And I’m thrilled to find all my fave brands in one store. Hallelujah!

Okay this is my last post today, promise you I won’t fill your feed with more of my silly post anymore! Happy Fridaaaaaaay people!!!

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12 thoughts on “on beauty products

  1. Jadi pengen si jossie maran juga mba oenasaran huehehehe. Dirimu kok bisa si mba foto buat fotd gini aku tuh gak pernah bisa deh ajahajaja gak PD review2 make up pake foto muka sndiri 😜😂✌️


    1. Coba deh Nis, aku juga tadinya aga2 ragu modal nekad aza dan perna baca reviewnya katanya ok. Ternyata emang good👍 Ga berminyak, glowing, dan pakenya ga perlu byk.
      Hahahaaa….itu foto modal pede aza Niis…pdhl lom mandi hihihui😉 Ahh….kamu lebih ok lagi kl lagi review product lipstick sama apa ya waktu itu, pokoknya cakep dweh😘😘


    1. Anggi si moisturizer ini bisa untuk kulit kering juga kata si beautician-nya. Pokoknya tekturnya itu ga bikin kulit muka kering tapi juga ga bikin berminyak. Aku uda seharian nih pake, uda nganterin anak sana sini, masak, etc, kulit aku ga berminyak seperti biasanya. Jadi dewy gitu loh. Iya si Too Faced melted lipstick nya juga oke bener, sama cintanya dengan NYX 😍


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