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A bit update of this mama life lately…. Not that is so interesting though!

Well, after spending more less three months with us, last Saturday I had to say good-bye to my mum. Three months feels like just two weeks, time flies that quick. Aaaaand….that means for three months I haven’t done any laundry or ironing chores (thanks mum!) so now I have to find my way back to the laundry room! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ While she was here my mum liked or loved doing the washing and ironing. Maybe because she knows I’m very bad in that department, every time she visits she will always find pile of clothes (dirty and clean) in my laundry room. And the next day she will straight away sort them out, lucky me! But I will always do the cooking and vacuuming the house so I am not that lazy :p

Another plus while my mum was here, because she can sew and I seem to have a sewing machine that I actually didn’t realize I have one, is all my dress or trousers that needed to be shortened or cut or mend are done too! Because you know, it’s very expensive here to get your trousers/dress altered. For example, to alter a jeans it will cost you $18 per jeans! But I do love when my mum is here. I have someone to talk to other than my husband for we don’t have closed family live here. Most of my husband’s family is in Victoria while my family is in Indonesia.

Anyhow, I am also happy to be just with my little family. My mum likes to spoil the boys way over too much in my opinion. So, it is good to see them back doing their chores again without Oma always does it for them!

Last weekend we had pretty busy days. From basket ball game, birthday party, tubing on the river, and of course Surf Life lesson as usual on Sunday morning.Β  Here are some pictures of our week-end…

IMG_5362These boys are having fun tubing and jet-skiing on the water!




IMG_5459IMG_5401It was a fun birthday party, the kids were really having a great time!

IMG_5461My hubby and I had a go on the rocket too! It was so fun!

IMG_5462Yeah…let’s go baby!

IMG_5432Someone tipped me over from the rocket so I gotta swim!

IMG_5382this mama having too much fun in the water πŸ™‚

IMG_5408night out with the girlfriends

IMG_5398who let these mamas out?! πŸ™‚

IMG_5422Sunday morning spent at the surf club

IMG_5413U 11 Group Photo – look at my two monkeys,not a happy face at all!

This week-end some of those kids will compete in State Surf Life Lesson 2015 for two days in the row.Β  Wish us all good luck and fingers cross the weather will be nice, because I heard it is going to be thunderstorm and pretty windy!

Enjoy your Wednesday, two more days until week-end!

Note: Some of the pics are courtesy of my friend Jill.

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19 responses to “this mama life”

  1. wah asiknya mama lu disana sampe 3 bulan? wuiii… mantap.. πŸ™‚
    itu bday party nya seru banget ada water sport nya segala ya…


    • Iya Man, nyokap kalo kesini gue max-in staynya πŸ™‚
      Birthday party ala2 summer time Man, biar balance antara sugar yang masuk dan keluar hehehe…


  2. Memang enaknya kalau ada ortu. Summer tahun lalu pas saya balik ke Greenland buat satu bulan, waahh bener2 menikmati ga harus bikin makanan sama sekali. Mami terus yang masakin dan enak lagi :p
    Summer ini mami saya bakal mampir ke denmark 2 minggu sebelum kita ke Indonesia – asik! Lumayan ada yang masakin selama 2 minggu + celana2 yang robek bisa dijaitin :p


    • Bener kan ya Steph, kalo nyokap ada itu enak deh! πŸ™‚ Kalo nyokap aku sih ga gitu demen masak, jadi aku hampir selalu harus masak. Tapi kalo urusan bersih2 dan laundry nyokap is the expert πŸ™‚

      Ahh senangnya yang mau ke Indonesia! Aku kangen pulang nih, tapi ga tau kapan deh.


  3. Sepi lagi dong ya Mba mamanya dah pulang. Pkus hellow itu cucian ahahahaha balik lagi deh ngerjain sndiri. Asik banet mba hang out with girlfriends seruuu yaa … Andai aku disana dah ikut nimbrung huehehehehe


    • Iya Niiiisss….sepi sih ga terlalu karna the boys for sure always make a lotsa noises! Tapi ya itu ga bisa curhat2 lagi….:( Dan yeah… aku kembali menemukan laundry-ku tercinta hahahaaaa…!!

      Iyaa banget Nis, kalo kita sekota dirimu uda aku geret2 terus untuk hang out sampe tobat hihihii… xx


      • Iya sepi pasti ya mba gada temen curhat, yg bisa dititipin the biys lagi n masakin hueheheheh.
        hangout ampe tobat kayanya balik dinihari ya mba or pagi.

        Aku aja hari ni males banget nyuci padahal udah seminggu mbaaa numpuk *jorokan emang


        • Toss dunk kita Nisa, aku juga males nyuci hehehe….sebenarnya nyucinya ga terlalu males deh, tapi ngejemur dan ngelipet2nya itu loh…doooh…!
          Kita kalo hang out bisa lupa pulang kale yaa…:)


          • Iya mba suka ampe keringetan klo ngelipet baju itu apalagi baju bazyl buanyak bangettt iihh malesss deh , belum klo lg bete gak mood udah deh ngasal ngelipetnya ahahah.

            Tapi itu temen2 mba ria mama2 semua kaannn


          • Nah baju yang piyik2 itu yang nyebelin ngelipet2nya ya Nis!
            Iya lah itu semua emak2 rempong nan narsis judulnya Nis, jumlah anak berkisar dari 1 sampe 3 paling banyak, umur berkisar dari baby – pre-teen πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  4. Mama is the best deh emang. Aku berasa banget pas dah punya anak2 gini…ahhh I love mamak deh pokoknya..

    Boys!!! Selalu suka liat kalian…


    • Iya betul sekali Salman, tiga hal itu ga akan bisa ditukar dengan apapun di dunia ini ya. Terima kasih ya sudah mampir sini, blog-nya menarik πŸ™‚


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