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Actually I don’t really know what to write.  My kids are already in bed long time ago, house is so quiet, but I am not that tired yet.  Nothing is interesting on the telly as well.  I suppose I can read my book, but I don’t feel like reading tonight.  So… I am just going to mumble  whatever comes to my mind and hopefully my brain will work it out, you are more than welcome to stop reading now or continue, it’s your choice 🙂


If you follow this blog long enough you would have known that the father of my children is working in oil and gas industry.  The nature of this industry is often that the employee get to moved around the globe either with the family or not, depends on where the destination is and the condition. Anyway, the father of my children, has been on FIFO for quite a long time.  I think since we came back to the land down under which is almost 10 years now, he’s been in FIFO.  FIFO is Fly In Fly Out, normally is 28 days on 28 days off.  The location can be offshore or onshore or in my husband case is office work with a bit of offshore/onshore.  For the last two years he was on 14 days on and 14 days off, which was lucky.  I could handle 14 on 14 off, though at the end of the second week I started to feel very lonely and very crazy.  But 28/28??!  It’s very tough!!  I honestly don’t know how I am going to handle it, I don’t want to face it or think about it, actually. I’m trying to suppress it under my everything. For some people it’s easy for them to say, ‘ it’s ok you can do it, 28 days not that long’  I appreciate the empathy and support but hell yeah, a month is bloody long! Of course there is nothing I can do, it’s a done deal.  I know it’s not an ideal situation for him and us.  I am sure he misses us as much as we miss him.  It’s hard for the boys not to see their dad on footy games or swimming competition, it’s hard for him not to see them getting awards at school, and not here on their birthday or  basket ball games.  But that’s life, it is not always easy and rosy.

The good thing about FIFO is when he’s home he’s home for a month too.  We can go on holidays and I feel relaxed and sleep better at night!  The not so good thing when he’s home is all my routines will be gone with the wind.  Suddenly mummy becomes cruella de ville.  Suddenly 9pm bed time become difficult, and training at 5 am is impossible!  And suddenly mummy and daddy will have arguments.  Oh dear God, please help me!

On Living in Australia

When I first moved to Australia I found it hard to make friends with Australian people.  While they were really friendly on the surface, many of them already had a tight circle of friends from high school or university.  It was hard to get past that first stage of being an acquaintance.  I always had to make the first move, to try hard to be accepted.  But when I became a mother, things changed a bit or I had changed, I wasn’t really sure. But, I suddenly made friends with some mums just because I sat next to them at the park, or we often bumped each other at the same swimming lesson or library.  Especially when the boys were in the kindergarten I made special bonding with some other mothers that our friendship is still last until now, even though our children are not in the same school.  So I learned that most people here are very fun-loving and always up for a laugh and help.  Yet, there are little that snob and sour.  And I don’t bother to even to get to know them.

On Quotes

Do you have favorite quotes? I have, I have many but these two below are my most faves!


The father of my children actually sent the 7 Rules of Life to me by email when he was away.  He pointed out on number 4 especially for me, why? Because yes I often compare my life to others, I always think that other people have better life, better every thing than me.  What I want they have and I don’t.  But guess what, it is not true and it is not healthy to compare your life to others.  So, note to myself; stop comparing.  People don’t have perfect lives.  It is a fact.  Let’s be real.  So take the good for what it is and count your blessing when you feel the green monster 🙂

On Social Media

Sometimes I think I would like to take a break from blogging and social net working.  Because you know why, social media is like crazy aunty that will not stop visiting.  Social media can be great for creating and maintaining relationship, but it can also torn into a wormhole of information which can distract your mind.  It is nice to remember that the online world is at times just a facade, and that the real world outside is real, it comes with hugs and real people who make you laugh and cry and all the things that make us the messy human being that we all are. So, my advice is to find the people you really want to follow and that you gain from them, unsubscribe from the rest.  I am learning to simplify and be mindful of the choices I make.  Because simplify is happy, happy is good, right?

Okay I think I’m mumbling enough now.  I need to hit the sack for I have to get up before 5, thing you do as a mother!

Good night from this part of the world!

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21 responses to “and other things”

  1. baru tau FIFO fly in fly out, gua taunya first in first out. hahaha.

    iya ya sepi dong ya kalo ditinggal 28 hari. tapi ya asik tuh trus 28 hari bisa bareng2 terus, berasa liburan 🙂


    • Hahahaaa first in first out bisa juga di Man😀😜 Iya enaknya kalo pas off nya tapi pass ON nya hadeuh lumayan berasa buat gue Man krn kita ga punya kluarga disini. Kalo punya keluarga pasti agak2 membantu dikit deh paling ga kalo ada emergency ga panik2 amat.


  2. Papi ku dulu pelaut kapal minyak mbak dan kalau pergi bisa 6 bulan baru balik, if lucky of course. Sekarang kalau kepikiran punya suami yang kerjaannya mesti jauh2 mungkin aku bakalan lebay banget deh ditinggal2 terus, sehari dua hari aja suka aneh banget sendirian di rumah apalagi berminggu2 or bulan. Such a strong woman who can handle this situation 🙂

    Almost weekend, have a great weekend ! 🙂


    • Ihhh 6 bulan lama aza Feb! Salut sama nyokap thu Feb, giling aku aza yg perna paling lama so far 7 weeks uda bingung2 apalagi 6 bulan! Cuma kalo di Indonesia mungkin madih aga lebih ringan karna kan byk keluarga, bisa punya pembantu, tempat makan byk, ada teman2 yg deket yg bisa di percaya utk curhat. Disini, kl salah curhat malah bisa jadi headline di FB hehehe….


  3. Am with you mba sama beberapa point diatas apalagi point no 4 yang digaris bawahi big mister. You’re strong woman lah mba thats why God give you this wonderful life . Memang apapun yang lagi kita jalanin patut disyukurin yaa. Itu beneran deh yang mba sama big mister lagi deketan suka adu argumen aku juga suka gitu. Tapi klo dah jauhan suka kangen ahahaha.

    Trus FIFO itu aku juga mikir kaya si arman blg first in firt out huehehehe.

    Superhug dari sini! 😘


    • Hahahaaa aku beneran ketawa ngakak baca first in first out😀😀😀 Iyaaa Niis, kl deketan argument mulu ntar kl uda jauhan kangen2an ugh! Wish me luck for 28 days to be a strong mama and wife Nisaaa….thank you darling, don’t be surprised kalosku jadi sering WA yah😘😀


  4. Salut mb sm org2 yg long distance marriage. Aplg klo uda ada anak2. Tmnku jg ada mb, suami istri sm2 kerja. Anaknya msh by ikut mamanya, suaminya kerja di kota lain (beda pulau). Such a tough n strong woman 💪

    Btw, kmrn smpt baca quote yg blg gini: I am too busy gardening on my own land that I didn’t notice if someone’s land is greener than mine.
    Yoi bgt ya. Intinya, mari bersyukur!!😊


    • Hello Ros, iya tough kalo anak2 masih kecil. Aku aza yg anak2 uda 10 tahun msh tetap ngerasa berat huhuhu… But that’s life I guess.
      Betul, kita harus bersyukur dengan apa yg kita punya, karna rumput tetangga akan selalu kelihatan lebih hijau 😃😘


  5. Sesama istri FIFO tos ah..✋😄 Suamiku FIFO-nya 5 weeks on 2 weeks off (5/2). Dulu pernah 6/2. Tahun depan mau cari yg 2/2 atau yg jam kerja biasa aja (meski duitnya gak sebagus yg FIFO..hehehe..) Kata dia, cape FIFO udah puluhan tahun, pengen ngerasain yg biasa aja..


      • Hehehe iya nih.., lagi sibuk banget di dunia nyata belakangan ini, jadi ngeblog terbengkalai. Untunglah akun Fb dan Path udah aku hapus (karena kecewa lihat banyak orang yg kurang santun bersosialisasi di situ😁), jadi gak ngeribetin lagi.
        Ya suami FIFO Indonesia-Australia: 5 minggu kerja di Kalimantan Timur, 2 minggu libur kadang di Jawa Barat kadang di Townsville-Australia. Dan diriku ngintil ke mana pun dia pergi..😄Minesite camp yg di Kaltim ini lumayan “manusiawi”, menyediakan akomodasi rumah di komplek perusahaan, meski si karyawan statusnya FIFO, bukan residential status.. Tapi kalo nanti kami punya anak kayaknya bakal ada perubahan.. Sementara ini.., ngintil suami aja terus.., kan daku ini “trailing spouse”😝
        Tetap semangat ya ngejalani FIFO😃! *big hug from the rainforest*


  6. Ria, same with me, I kinda have to read over what your FIFO stands for :):). In y line of work, FIFO is Fist in First out because it involves material movements in a factory floor:):)
    My Husband used to travel a lot for work before we had kids, he lived in hotel rooms and only went home on the weekend, but at the same time he had the option to go back home or flew me in to wherever he was. So it was not a bad deal at all. But now that we have 2 kids, I can’t imagine having to deal with them for a week and take care of everything myself. You are a strong woman!! But you are right, we can’t do anything about it so we just have to do it and deal with it.
    The number 4. I think it is just the nature of human being, there is a saying that the lawn is always greener on the other side. We just have to keep reminding ourselves every now and then about it. I am sure there are plenty of our friends back home that think that we have such a fabulous lives being able to live outside Indonesia:):):)
    No, do not stop blogging, cuz I really can do relate to you and love your posts!!!


    • Haaa….I learnt new thing about FIFO too😀😀 Yeah, it is not a perfect situation but at least it won’t be permanent, fingers cross. I should get used to this fifo arrangement cos since we got back from UK to Aust this is what he does though not always on 28/28 and there was a period that he works in town here. But no I never ever get used to it. I mean I can handle all the things, kids, etc, but it is still so damn hard. And I hate weekends! Weekends make me feel really really like a single mother, ugh! Thumbs up and salute to all those single mums. Oopss sorry am pouring my heart out here 😊

      Thanks Gaareal, I won’t stop blogging, just sometimes frustrated with the way people use the social media😉


  7. saya juga sering gitu, masalah “melihat rumput tetangga selalu lebih hijau dari rumput rumah sendiri”, sekarang lagi belajar untuk lebih banyak bersabar dan bersyukur 🙂


    • Sepertinya masalah rumput tetangga lebih hijau dari rumput kita adalah masalah kita sebagai human being yang selalu ga pernah puas ya Adhya. Tapi, kita memang selalu harus bersyukur dengan apa yang kita punya dan jangan selalu melihat keatas terus, masih banyak orang2 yang tidak seberuntung kita. xx


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