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It’s been a while I haven’t posted five things I love on here, in fact it’s been a while I don’t pay a visit to my blog. I am having one of those days that I feel hopeless and lazy to think what to write let alone to share 😐

Anyhow…. here are five things that I am loving at this moment ;

Picture from googles

1.  Turkish towels

I love this new trend of towel! I own four of them in yellow, pink, green, and grey in extra-large and large size. They are not so bulky like the beach towels so it’s handy and lighter to carry them in your bag. They also quick to dry. You can use as a towel, a wrap, or a sarong, multi-function 🙂

2.  ELF Cosmetic

Foto snatched from Elf website

Thanks to a fellow blogger Nisa who first told me about this ELF brand! I love it, they are cheap but they are pretty good, well it works on my skin. At the moment I am using its eye primer, blush, concealer, and all over cover & color sticks.  I especially love the blush, it is said a dupe for Nars! For every day use I am so loving this brand, it guarantee won’t make hole on my wallet :p

Pic from The Iconic

3. Flats

Now that autumn is here I have to say good-bye to my flip-flop but not really into the boots yet, so flats are the other thing I love this autumn. They are easy to slip on but pretty enough. Currently loving the pointy flats, they make my feet look slimmer!

Pic from Pinterest

4. Dungarees/overalls

Loving this style! I am actually not a big fans of overalls but for this autumn somehow I don’t mind. I own one similar like this but in khaki color from Zara and it’s so comfortable. I can dress them down with sneakers and t-shirt like the picture above for my mum’s duty from footy game to running errands or dress them up with nice shirt/blouse, pretty necklace or earrings and pair them with pointy flats or heels for nice lunch with the ladies  🙂

5.  Turtle Neck Over-sized Jumper


I always love over-size jumper when the weather is a bit nippy.  With the turtle neck is even better because it keeps my upper body  warmer and I just love  the feel of snuggling into the soft material of  cashmere or wool. The picture above is from Hello Parry if you want the cheaper version of that you can find one here at Supre. 

Okay, those are my current favorite items for this season. What are you loving at the moment?

Happy Thursday everyone, only one more day until week-end!

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16 thoughts on “five things i ❤️

    1. Turkish towelnya harus dicuci 2 or 3 times dulu Feb sebkum dipake, supaya lebih menyerap airnya. Aku juga tadinya sama kayak gitu Feb, trus dikasi tau sama yg jualan kl hrs dicuci beberapa kali dulu baru serapannya bagus😀


  1. Aku pernah nyoba ELF duluu banget, concealer nya sama primer…lumayan bangeeett!! murce lagi ya. Turkish towels di rumah dikasih sama temen aku orang Turki, tp ujung2nya malah buat taplak hahaha. Abis kebanyakan musim dingin disini, mau dipake kok kaya nya ketipisan baru di pake eh udah basah semua…dingiiinn lagi…emang enaknya dipake buat pas summer deh.


    1. Iyaaaa Pie, concealer dan primernya okeh juga yah dan harganya itu loh, manis banget buat dompet hehehe…
      Sepertinya turkish towel lbh cucok untuk summer di Australia kali yah, krn panasnya cenderung kering jadi si towel cepet keringnya😀😀


  2. Suka banget overall tapi setelah menggendut gini kok rasanya makin embem aku. Aku juga suka tuh style oversized turtle necknya mba…look so cool ya. Sayangnya di jkt dipake pas musim hujan aja..itupun kalo lagi dingin banget.

    Btw foto mba rianya mana?


    1. Pake yg dress overall Jo ato kalo yg celana yg model lurus atau skinny 😀 Aku juga ga pede2 amat pake overalls sih. Kalo di Jkt pake turtle neck yg bahannya bukan wool kali yah, kalo ga bisa meleleh kali meskipun musim hujan😳😭

      Foto aku ntar aza di IG yeaahhh…😉😀😘


    1. Tapi kalo uda dingin bener ga nyaman juga pake flats si Den, blom lagi kalo ditamba hujan huhuhu…. kalo overalls bisa dilayer2 kl winter, kalo summer bisa pake tank top aza underneath😉😀


  3. Jaman kuliah punya overall jeans dan enak makenya tp kok kayaknya org2 pd ngeliatinnya aneh gitu.. mgkn krn dulu blum ngetrend dan bodyku tinggi besar jd kliatan bulky kaliyaa hahahaha.. jarang dipake jadinya, kalau tau skarang ngetrend lg jd nyesel dulu ngasih ke orang :I


  4. wuahh ELF juga murce di aussie ya mbak? asikk dong hihihi. setauku yg bagus dan murah juga kosmetik di sana merk Essence (asal jerman). sempet takut susah cari kosmetik murah di aussie soalnya pernah lihat harga NYX yg tergolong drugstore dan murah di Indo tapi di aussie harganya jadi mahal hiks..hiks..


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