fashion friday: baby, it’s cold outside

When the leaves start changing colors, the air is cooler and crisp, that’s the sign that fall is here.  With this wonderful season comes lots of things like; over-sized jumpers, bulky scarfs, hot chocolate and sweet cakes.  Here in Australia, we are getting very close to winter as well, less than a month actually.

In preparation for the season here are few things that I like about fall/winter :

1.  Wearing boots

I love boots during winter, it keeps my feet warm and dry as winter in Australia means lots rain as well. From ankle boots to knee-high ones, I love them all!



2.  Over-sized jumper.  I live in them in the winter! They are so comfy and so warm.


3.  Bulky big scarf.  I’m crazy about scarfs and shawls, I think I have them way too many 🙂 But I like them, it keeps my neck and upper body warm.  Everything that keep me warm in the winter I love it 🙂



4.  Long wool coats.  They are stylish and you can dress them up and down.



5.  Last but not least, this my style for fall relax fashion,  casual and suits my mama life.  This year I think my must-have for the cold weather fashion are over-sized jumper, Hunter boots, and woolie scarf, and perhaps an umbrella for when I have to watch my boys playing footy in the rain!


What are your winter staples?

Happy Friday everyone, hope you all have a good and relax week-end!

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19 thoughts on “fashion friday: baby, it’s cold outside

    1. Me too Lo, it’s kinda purpleish/maroon, cucok buat winter sering hujan disini. Apalagi sambil nangkring nungguin the boys main bola…perfecto😉😀


    2. Yoyen, numpang lewat – di NL boots Ilse Jacobsen tidak populer yak. Itu lucu2 loh *kok promosi* aku langsung naksir waktu liat, jadinya sekarnag rada2 sejuta umat sih disini.


  1. Winter staples?

    Wool coat – since I live in Scandinavia – I’d go for real wool (merino would be great) and have started given up on those coats that might look cute but don’t offer warmth at all 😉 – Quality is in the price and I spend big on winter attire – but I would never be caught dead in winter puffy jacket. No no no! 😛

    Scarf – also wool, no nylon, no synthetic whatever things they made these days

    Boots – I’ve got plenty – the super heavy but toasty inside Sorel, the midsize weight Ecco and the casual boots for spring and autumn, and a pair of must have rain boots by Ilse Jacobsen (it might seem that everyone in Denmark has those).

    In general I dress more heavily and not like those above (those are for lighter winter / maybe spring or autumn style in Scandinavia haha). I dress in layers: shirt, wool sweater and wool coat, topped with scarfs. – I don’t however wear long underwears anymore, those are for under minus twenty kinda weather 😉

    Like I said, since winter is harsh, you have to splurge more in winter gear to get good quality goods.


    1. Even though winter here is pretty mild, during the day only 10C but we also get lotsa rain so for us here mayan dingin Va😀 I can imagine how cold your winter is. I like merino too, though they are bit pricey but they keep you warm. My layers normally a camisole underneath my long sleeve t-shirt, and a jumper. Those pics are more suitable for winter in Australia I guess!


    1. Iya lah Jo, sedinginnya Jkt (ac di mall😀) palingan cukup dengan cardigan aza ya. Tapi waktu aku ke Jkt perna loh liat ceweq siang2 jalan di dalam mall pake boots yg selutut …omg! Ga meleleh apa ya kakinya😝😀


  2. Pertama dulu ke Aussie pas lagi winter, around July. Kirain winter aussie ecek ecek aja Mbak kaya di puncak, Boy I was wrong!😮 Hahaha . Inget banget aku ke sana pake tshirt, jeans and wedges. Pas nyampe Melb Airport kok orang2 nge-boots semua dan pake coats…rupanya emang duinginnn mayan nyelekit anginnya yah.. 😂😂


  3. I love those stylish skinny jeans and boots. They look great on tall people, in my opinion. I am a shortie, so it’s a bit different when I have them on 😀
    On top of that, those winter fashion won’t cut it for a brutal winter weather! I have to put layers upon layers until I look like bak-chang 🙂

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