le week end 


Last week we had long week-end here in Western Australia.  It was WA Day. The boys also had Friday off school, so total four days off…yiiipeee ! 🙂

We didn’t go anywhere though, because we just got back two weeks ago from Indonesia. I was thinking gonna fly to Melbourne to visit the father of my children. But I didn’t think it was a good idea, first the hassle to book the flight and it was expensive too for three of us.  Second, the boys had project from school that needed to be finished and presented on the first day they back to school. Third, they will have swimming competition in two weeks time so they have to be back to train religiously again. As much as my itchy feet want to go,  I think it was wise for us to stay home 😀

The weather was unsettled last week-end. In a day it would rain then the sun would be up then it would rain again.  We went to Fremantle for a quick coffee and wandered around a bit.


Then on Saturday, they had basketball game, followed by footy game on Sunday, which all went pretty good. Then they have friends came over for a play-date.


We took our 7 years old golden retriever to the foreshore near our house for a play-date as well. Sammy had a ball, playing with other dogs, jumping off the jetty couple times, and we had a good time watching him being silly and cheeky 😀



As my fellow blogger Christa said that we can post video now straight from the WordPress app on your mobile phone, here’s the video of Sammy jumping off the jetty. Hope it works ok for you readers.

This video doesn’t exist

Have a good Thursday everyone, it is almost week-end again….. And my other half will be home tomorrow so I’m a happy mama in the earth! 😉😀

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