what’s on perth: manning market

Saturday for our family is market day! 🙂 After the boys finished their swimming, we usually go straight to the market.  The closest one for us is The Manning Farmer Market.

We would first get our fruits, vegetables, bread, and fresh-cut flowers, before heading to the coffee and crêpe stalls 🙂 The crêpe is so delicious and gluten-free as well! My kids and husband of course, love the burger counter!

It’s a good way to spend Saturday with the family at the market I think, as you can do your groceries shopping at the same time entertain your kids and husband!  Oh, and dogs are welcome too.  The market also has special seating for people with dogs, how cool is that! 🙂 :p


Manning Market is situated under the tall pine trees and big green grass on Manning Road, Waterford.  Here you can find fresh produce such as vegetables, fruits, meats, breads, cut flowers, etc.  It opens every Saturday from 7.30 – 12.30pm.  Note: bring cash as only a few stalls have eftpost facilities.


So, bring your family and your empty bags and fill it up with good and fresh produce.  That way you also support the locals plus enjoy the fun and stress free atmosphere!

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21 responses to “what’s on perth: manning market”

    • Iya Non lagi winter disini, hampir tiap hari langitnya abu2 terus, pake angin dan hujan pula!
      Sayur mayur dan buah2 fresh karna langsung dari farm, makanya mereka cuma buka sabtu aza. Yiux belanja bareng 😀


  1. ini namanya sekali mendayung 2 3 pulau terlampaui, istri belanja suami dan anak2 bisa sekalian jajan yang lain *gak bosan nungguin emaknya belanja,hehe*, ada tempat khusus utk pengunjung yg bawa anjing pula, bisa sekalian piknik deh tu 😀


    • Ahahaa itu gaya heboh pagi2 ga dandan Mar😅😅 ma kasi eniwei😘
      Iya, jadi para doggy bisa bersosialisasi juga, uda gitu ada khusus satu stall yg jualan cemilan buat doggy juga hahaha 😆😆


  2. Aku sukaaaa dengan pasar seperti ini Ria. Awal bulan ini aku juga datang ke pasar yang seperti ini dikotanya Mbak Yo. Segala makanan masuk mulut haha.


    • Seneng ya Den ke market gini. Liat sayur2 dan buah2 ygmasih fresh gitu rasanya pengen beli semua😀 Di pasar sana jual makanan Indinesia ga? Disini ga thu 😁


      • Ada Ria, satu stan jual makanan Indonesia. Yang antri panjaanng bule2 gitu. Enak sih makanannya. Fresh gitu. Satu2nya stan makanan Indonesia di Sonsbeekmarkt 😀 aku awalnya dah nyobain makanan ini itu distan lain. Ujung2nya makan gado2 haha


  3. I love open air market as well…I am surprise to see that they have markets in the winter time. Disini cuma summer aja marketnya:)


    • Well, yeah last Saturday it was raining and pretty wet when we got there. I actually not sure if they will be open for the whole winter though.


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