living in the fast lane

this morning when i picked up my eldest twin from his morning swimming, i could see something was a bit wrong.  he looked like kind of wanting to cry and stressed.  so i asked him what’s wrong.  first he said it’s nothing.  then i tried to persuade him more, then he broke down into tears…. he said the session was so hard and he felt sick.  not normally himself like this.  i don’t know it is because he has a bit of cough and cold and doesn’t feel 100% well or it’s because the drill itself.goggle

but i do feel sorry for him.  personally i think swimming is a tough sport.  especially in the winter like this when you can’t seem to wake up and then you gotta be ready by the pool as early as 5am jumping into a freezing cold water when outside is still pitch dark.  i guess sometimes it is hard especially for an eleven years old.

as a mother i sometimes practice tough love to my boys.  even though deep down in my heart i want to tell them not to go but i know that’s not the way out.  quitting or giving up is not the answer.  and neither of them wanting to quit, they just have bad days sometimes.  and it’s ok to have bad days.

so, keep fighting and believing, even when all hope seems lost.  because you never know when your bad day could turn out to be your best day!

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28 Replies to “living in the fast lane”

  1. And its ok to have bad days! Ahhhhh love it mba. Bener banget anak2 itu mesti tau rasa kecewa, capek dll. Kita ga selalu bisa feed mereka kan. Biar jadi anak2 yang tangguh kedepannya. Love your parenting style. Huuuu ga kebayang berenang di udara winter…eveb dikasih po yg airnya warm pun keknya ttp dingin ya


    1. Iya Jo, kadang aku aza struggle harus bangun subuh2 gitu pas winter gini, apalagi mereka yang harus nyemplung ke air! Untung aza pool-nya indoor, dulu waktu masih outdoor doooh… tahan ngeliatnya Jo! Bener2 tough love 🙂


  2. Iya… Kita jd parent juga mesti tough ya karena kita ngeliat potensi anak kita bisa jd kita push walaupun kadang suka kasian juga ngeliat nya… Sama gw juga gt. Hehehe


  3. Duh jadi inget dl berenang pagi2 jg mba and I know how it feels. Feel sorry for them.. Maybe a cup of chocomilk will release his tension a lil bit? 😉
    Salam buat the boys!


    1. Dulu perenang juga Ge? Tapi at least kalo di Indonesia ga sedingin disini kalo winter lah ya, apalagi kalo poolnya heated. Warm apple turn over and a milo made him smile again, Ge! Salam balik buat tante Gege dari the Boys 🙂


  4. Sekali lagi, thanks Ria sudah berbagi tentang parenting disini. Jadi ingat, Bapak dan Ibu dulu mendidik aku dan adik2 juga dengan sangat keras dan tegas. Waktu itu aku sampai merasa kayaknya orangtua kok ga sayang aku ya. Pas umur 15 tahun aku pertama kali jadi anak kos, hidup jauh dari ortu, barulah kerasa betapa bergunanya didikan tegas mereka. Dan merasa juga dibalik ketegasan mereka ada cinta yang besar 🙂


    1. Wah 15 thn uda kos Den, so young! Aku berusaha not too hard but firm sih secara kalo akubterlalu keras takutnya mereka malah ga mau terbuka ke aku kan. It’s bot easy being a parent, sometimes!😉😅


  5. All you/ we (as parents) have to do is to support them with open arms, they will learn that hard work pays and it is not easy. Most importantly it is ok to feel overwhelmed as we still do (as adults) from time to time.


    1. Yes, that’s what I keep telling them. I understand they are still young and back and forwards looking at that black line can be so boring sometimes…but while they still want to do it and enjoy it all I can give is my support😊


  6. Keep up the good work Boy!!! Aku masih belum ditahap yang ngajarin bazyl tough dan push him hard gitu si.. Cuma aku gakmaubjuga segala sesuatu diturutin biar dia tau gak semuanya itu enak,indah dll biar gedenya juga gak manja . Anak cowo harus kuat! Hehehe should learn much from you , i guess.


    1. Bazyl is way too young Nis. Tapi ga ada salahnya ajarin dia mandiri dikit2 dari sekarang, seperti kl abis makan or minum taruh gelas/piring di kitchen sink, etc.

      Boys gotta be boys, tough, rough, full of beans but still love their mummy😉😜😘


      1. Iya mba kalau hal2 kaya abis nyusu,makan dll or abis main aku suruh dia beresin sendiri walau kadang ada dramanya ahahahaha.


  7. Hang on there boys! The goal is set high, sometimes you are drawn but your mum is always be there for you.

    Ria, Juga buat loe, hang on. Salut with your offer, determination & support for your twin boys.


    1. Thanks Lo, there are days I questioned my parenting style, am I too hard, should I just let them do what they want, etc etc. But I suppose we just keep learning from mistakes and trust our gut sometimes😉😀


  8. Aku suka sama kalimat terakhirnya : “keep fighting and believing, even when all hope seems lost. because you never know when your bad day could turn out to be your best day!” :))


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