hidden gem on your iphone

For those who have Iphone mobile do you know that you can store emergency contact numbers which can be accessed from your locked phone? I did not know before until a friend of mine at work told me, and I think it’s pretty important.  Just in case you are unconscious or can’t communicate after an accident, or when you are helping a person who unconscious and you need to contact their family or next of the keen, yours or his/her Iphone could save the life.

Here’s how to do it on your phone:

  • Open the Health app
  • Tap ‘medical ID’ on the bottom right hand corner
  • Tap ‘create medical ID’
  • Fill in all relevant information, including emergency contact numbers from your contact list.
  • Make sure ‘show when locked’ is enabled.


Now if you hit the emergency option on your lock screen, an option called ‘Medical ID’ will appear in the bottom left hand corner, displaying your information.  Apparently the application has always been there, but I never know about it! 🙂

Hope this bit of information might be useful.  Have a great Monday tomorrow people!


14 responses to “hidden gem on your iphone”

  1. Ria, kayanya ini untuk iphone very baru ya? Maklum iphone gua masih iphone 4 :):) Udah cari2 tapi ga nemu Health app nya kok ya.


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