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While I am sitting in front of my laptop, house is clean, baking done, laundry done, my kids and their father are out kayaking…. I have the house for myself oh… and the dog who is lying under my feet now, so I thought I would write another post while I was in the mood and had the time.

Wow, it’s October already!  Time flies so quick huh, another two months 2015 soon will be over, oh my God! And it’s spring in this part of the world but life here is not so very bright at the moment. What I mean by not so very bright is that there are lots of people being unemployed, mostly the ones who work for Oil and Gas and Mining industry.  There is high risk of economy recession in Australia at the moment, and I heard it will continue until next year.  Not so good sign for next year, hopefully things will change to the better.  Fingers cross!

Meanwhile, I am working almost every single day these last two weeks replacing my manager who is on leave.  Working full-time is a bit of hard yard for me though, maybe because I am not used to it anymore.  And as a mother I feel like I don’t see my two monkeys a lot and sometimes I would miss their footy game or could not be there for their sport carnival.  But at least they have their father to replace my absence which is good.  My hubby is in between job at the moment, starting next week he’ll be back to the FIFO routine again.  Let’s hope he will be around for Christmas!

Apart from working I don’t do much besides taking the kids this school holiday to the annual Perth Royal Show, even though they are eleven years old now, they still love going to the show, love the rides and of course the show-bags.  Almost every year we went to this show.  Read here if you’re interested in last year story 🙂 for me it’s the same old stuff though! This mid-term school holiday we don’t go anywhere.  One boy is going to the basket ball camp starting tomorrow and the other one is doing his swimming almost every day too. Two days ago we took them to surf after I finished work, and it was a beautiful evening at the beach.  The kids enjoyed their surf while my husband and I chilling with our cold drinks in hand and some yummy dips 🙂

I have been pretty slacked lately with my exercise, I haven’t been to the gym for ages perhaps!  So very bad of me! As a result I feel fat and out of shape, blaaah!  I just don’t have the motivation and mostly I like to do my exercise in the morning but since I am always working now I can’t be bothered to do it in the evening after work.  By the time I get home, cook dinner, home-work, etc, all I want to do is veg out in front of the telly!  This must change….immediately.  Motivation please come to me I beg you!

That’s all I can tell you what I’ve been up to so far.  Nothing excited yet interesting, let alone important 🙂  But hey, life is good when you can share little things with your loved ones and I think we should cherish it.  Hope your Sunday is well spent everyone and you’ll have a wonderful week ahead.  Three more days working full-time for me and then it’s over, back to my part-time job, yeehaaa….:)



13 responses to “this mama life”

  1. What a mama life! 🙂


    1. Yup, always busy busy bee..😀


  2. With 2 kids and full time job and house chores… Kebayang sibuk ya hehehe.

    Iya gak berasa ya udh oktober. Bentar lagi udh akhir tahun…


  3. Iya Maaan, kadang suka sutris jadinya😢 Bentar lagi uda mo natal aza ya, ga kerasa…


  4. Semangat terusss yaa mama Ria! 💕


    1. Hahaaaa thanks darling Christa😘


  5. Awwww mama life! I can imagine how busy you are mba Ri..
    Its true that the oil and gas company is not in a good condition and it has an impact to the company where my husband works. Anyway what is FIFO mba ri?

    I think we need to do hi5 for not being able doing exercise. OMG I’ve been so lazy for a month already.



  6. I need ART Joooo!!😀😀 And a driver too, or maybe I need driver more than ART…yg bikin pusink itu kan harus jemput dan drop sana sini Jo, untung aza disini ga pake macet banget.

    Hubby kerja dimana Jo? FIFO itu fly in fly out darling, 2 wks on 2 wks off or sometime more. Aku perna cerita disini

    Iyaaaa nih I really need to go back to the gym not only for the fat but also for my sanity…hi 5 ya Jo!😀😀


  7. Hebatt. Aku masih newbie di mama life dan sekarang menyerah dengan pake jasa ART. Capeee *klisebangetalasanku ;p


    1. I wish I had ART too Fran make things bit easier here. You should enjoy the pleasure of having ART while it’s possible 👌🏻 Being a mum is 24/7 job I guess 😍


      1. Setujuu. Iya makanya super salut sama para supermom yang tetep bisa survived. Keren.


  8. Mba.. Iya ga kerasa bentar lagi udah mau ganti taun aja yaa.. Cepet banget.


    1. Hi Be…iyaaa tahun ini berasa cepet banget deh. Happy holidays terus ya Be…enjoy mumpung nona Jo blom sekolah 🙂 xx


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