daisies at cottesloe

Today I have my day off, after working almost every day in two weeks I feel so happy to finally get day off!  Don’t get me wrong I like to work but full-time is not for me obviously :p

So, after picking up twin #1 from swimming and dropping #2 to the basket ball camp, N and I  have breakfast date.  Sometimes it’s just nice to focus to one boy only 🙂


We went to Daisies at Cottesloe.  The café is situated in the middle of a residential area with lots of parking nearby and just a few street back from the beach.  It’s kind of like deli with cafe-style alfresco seating.  It is the home of fresh muffins and pies, yummy Nutella cronut and the coffee is absolutely great! Need I say more? Come early to get the freshest baked, especially the cronut!  Pop in before or after your early morning swim and your day has a great start.


Special note: the cronut only available from Tuesday to Friday, since it takes three days for the dough to raise.  Just to let you know so that you won’t be disappointed turning up there desperate for those yummy warm cronut and they are not available! Sorry I didn’t take a photo of the cronut since we were very hungry we just stuffed our face with our brekkie!



Marmion St, Cottesloe

Western Australia

Have a gorgeous Thursday people, week-end is just in the corner! 🙂



4 thoughts on “daisies at cottesloe

  1. Lol…its true sometimes its easier dealing with one child only. Kadang aku cuma bawa kakaknya *hihihi*

    Anyway you look so fabulous in the picture mba ri! Like ur gladiator shoes!


  2. akuu masih merasakan keribetan dg 1 anak.. hehe.. 1 aja ribetnya minta ampuuun..

    foto makanannya bikin ngiler, padahal barusan makan 😀


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