on well-being


Summer is approaching in this part of the world. The weather starts to warm up and the sun is happily smiling lately. Though some days we still have that thunderstorms and showers but not lot, which is not good in my opinion. Because it means summer is gonna be so dry and hot here! Ughhh… I do prefer winter than summer.  The good thing is the day is longer, the sun is up by 6 am now and it’s not gonna be down until about 7pm at this stage (it’s still spring here).  We can have picnic and alfresco dinner and go to the beach even after work.  The beauty of summer!

Now speaking about summer, it means sundress, tank top, short, flip-flop, bikini, and being outdoor, being active.  Have you got ready for those cute sweet bikini or tankini or one piece yet? If you are like me, very slacked in doing exercise or going to the gym  during last couple months of winter, but want those flat abs and toned body and still look good in the summer attire then we have a problem! πŸ™‚ Unless you are blessed with genetically good body good posture eat whatever you want and still have no tummy,  you realize that it won’t happen in a matter of a blink!

For some women, life after child/children won’t be the same as when we are single, so is our body. It stretched it changed. That is natural. The older we are our metabolism is going slower. That’s why even we eat a little carbs it feels like it’s so quick to add few kilos in our scale. I used to be able to eat every thing and I won’t gain  weight at all. Now, I feel if I eat too much rice or those yummy Asian food my scale will go to hell easily. But I love food and I have sweet tooth!

That’s why I started to make the effort to go the  gym and do yoga again. I make the effort to eat healthy food, reduce my sugar intake and eat more veggies & fruits and lean meat. And exercise. When I don’t have time to pay a visit to my local gym I will walk the dog along the river or do the exercise at home even as little as 10 minutes. I personally don’t believe in the fast diet, miracle shakes, or drink this tea and you’ll lose weight in 10 days slogan.  I think they are all con job, it’s just a marketing way to get people to buy their products.  There is no fast way to lose weight or to get the flat abs in a week!  It needs hard work and patience and consistency.  You can’t lose weight if you only do exercise once a week or once every two weeks and then stop for couple weeks.  It’s not gonna work at all.

I’m far than perfect body, at the moment I am trying to lose just 2 kilos and hell, it’s difficult.  With my children zillions activities and me working part-time, some days I just can’t fit in to go to the gym, some days I feel lazy after all those hectic days, all I want is just to laze around at home. But I guess no train no gain.  The older I am I feel the need to look after my body, to maintain it, not only for those killer figure body hugging Karl Lagerfeld dress πŸ™‚ but I want to be healthy for my children, I want to be sexy for my husband, I want to feel confidence and happy for myself.

So for those out there who want to be in shape, or lose weight, or tone up, let’s do it together.  Persistence and consistency are the keys and you will achieve what you want one day. Rather than having lunch out every day, it’s better to hit the gym or going for a walk, it is healthier life-style anyway.  I believe that nothing will ever be achievable if you don’t put dedication, effort, and time together.  At the end of the day,  don’t let the scale define you, be active, be healthy, but best of all be happy!  Because being happy is more important than being skinny but miserable πŸ™‚


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