two peas in a pod

I wanted to post this for a long time actually. But every time I typed I deleted it again and again. I guess I am being paranoia. I am scared that  I will be labelled as over sharent, or people might think I want to show off to the soc-med about my children. But  then I am thinking what the heck with all those what so call ‘judging’.  In my opinion I don’t think I share too much about my kids, I am just a normal mama who sometimes or perhaps occasionally, would like to share a bit of my children achievements, or even their silly little moments. You know what I mean if you are a mother or a parent as well. And anyway, people will always talk no matter what you do, right? 😉 So be it!

What I would like to share here is just a little thing that my boys did at school. I am just amazed even though they are only ten minutes apart but they have so different personality   and style, where you can see from these poems they wrote by themselves;








Can you see the difference? Which one you like more? If I have to choose, I like poem number 1 written by twin #2. It’s simple and it shows his character and personality. He’s more adventure in the open sea comparing to his brother.  And I am just amazed by his ability to write that, because he’s everything but diligent, if you know what I mean 😜

While poem number 2 written by twin #1 it just shows who he is, serious, quiet, and you can see his fear about the open water, which is exactly true. He’s excellent in lap swimming than his brother but since he was a little boy he’s always a bit ‘cautious’ and nervous at the sea. I guess he has more sensibility than the other one 😜😜

 Don’t get me wrong, of course I love them both, I like both poems, it’s just I am surprised that my twin #2 can write such a poem like that considering he’s a bit of a clown😀 Both poems show how they described the ocean from their own perspective, and in their own words.  I don’t realize my cheeky monkeys can be such a poetic too! 🙂

Happy Tuesday peeps!


20 responses to “two peas in a pod”

  1. All I can say is “wow”!!!! They are so intelligent. I personally like poem #1 by twin #2. It’s deep and shows the emotional level of his thoughts and feelings. May be he could organize his thoughts better in writing, some people are just like that. Good job mama!!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful poems of your boys. 🙂

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  2. I like both of it! Awesome 🙂
    IMHO, everything has two sides, the positive and the negative ones. Although we do nothing that disturb other, people will keep talk about us, haha.. It’s a blessing if they talk about us, means they still wanna think and spend their time for us, isn’t it? 😀

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    • Iya kan ya Be? Pada hal ya kalo diliat anaknya aslinya thu ga ada bakat puitis2 lah, ga suka gambar, ga suka art 😛 sukanya yg adrenalin pumping or adventure!


  3. kedua puisinya bagus Mbak Ria…
    walau kembar, tp gaya cerita dan ngegambarinnya beda ya…
    you must be proud of them Mbak Ria


  4. Wow! Ria, puisi yang dibikin bagus2 pemilihan kata2nya. Tapi kalau disuruh milih, aku langsung jatuh cinta sama puisi kedua 😍😍 yang dituliskan sama persis apa yang kupikirkan selama ini tentang Ocean. Ah, tos berarti dengan twin #1. Salam ya Ria ke dia, langsung ngefans hehe.
    You must be a proud Mama 😍😍 And it’a true that no matter what we do, judging will always there😉


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