p a r i s

p a r i s

Paris is always a good idea, isn’t it?!  So, yeah for the last leg of our winter holidays Paris is the last destination, before we went back to London to catch our flight back home.

Since this is my third time in Paris, I didn’t feel the excitement was as big as when I touched down in Norway.  Still, happy and blessed that I could re-visit Paris again.  In my personal opinion Paris has changed a bit since the last time I was there. I didn’t know exactly what, maybe because we came from Norway where every thing is so clean, tidy, not too big city, and no traffic at all.  When we landed in CDG airport, it took us almost 2 hours to get to our apartment in Montmartre. The traffic was so bad, it was around 7.30 in the evening.  My husband and I joked that we were in Jakarta not in Paris! 🙂 And there were lots of army guards with big guns scattered around the city, they were everywhere.  Made me feel a bit nervous, which was probably just because I’m a worried and paranoia type of person, in another word a bit psycho! 🙂


Anyhow, our apartment was just right near the Basilica de Sacré Coeur.  It was handy, the next day we just walked and had our breakfast in one of hundreds cute café in the area with the Sacré Coeur as our view, how beautiful was that!  I always love Sacré Coeur , the Basilica is just so pretty and the view from a top is just amazing!

img_5060img_6004One of the reasons we agreed to visit Paris again is because my children always wanted to see Paris, to see Eiffel Tower, and other tourist attractions that they always saw on the television or read about that.  Otherwise, my husband and I would opt to go to Lyon or Bordeaux instead.  Well, there’s always another time, hopefully! 🙂

When selfie was first invented 🙂
Musee du Louvre
Notre Dame

While we were there, Paris was nice with temperature just around 6C and blue sky. Only one day we had a bit gloomy day and very cold. So, of course we went to see The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Palais Garnier, Musee d’Orsay, walked around Saint Germain des Pres Quarter and our neighborhood Montmartre, and just passed by Moulin Rouge, my children are way too young to see the show :p  We took a hop on-hop off bus since Paris is a big city and to save our time so we could see more.  The Boys loved it anyway….they always opted to sit up-stair in the open deck even though it was chilly and windy!

On the hop on/off bus


Enjoying our crepes

We had fun, we got lost (often), we ate crepes and croissant almost every day we were there, we walked a lot, we stopped at the irresistible cafes and patisseries just because, and I got chance to practice my rustic French again! 🙂  It’s hard not to be smitten by Paris.  The city of love and light is one of the most enchanting in the world, but it also has a tendency to keep its best spots well hidden!

img_5116img_5073We only spent three days in Paris, and then from there we flew back to London for the next day we caught our very long-haul flight back to Australia!  End of the holidays, back to the nitty-gritty of life!

Paris from the top of Eiffel Tower
Paris from the top of Eiffel Tower
Seine River
Seine River

Ajoutez deux lettres a Paris et c’est le paradis

Au revoir Paris!


35 responses to “p a r i s”

  1. Senangnya mba jalan2 kemarin , aku belum pernah ke paris. Semoga oneday ada rejeki bisa ngerasain si city of love 🙂


  2. What a pleasant holiday! Meskinsudah 3x ke paris tapi paris tetap manis ya mba ri. Kecuali macet2 juga kek di Jakarta. You look so pretty on that red hat


  3. I love paris.. Mau balik kesana buat explore lagii.. Walopun many people said other European countries are more worth it. Haha. Btw mba. 2 jam macet itu naik taxi atau naik apa mba? Hehe


    • Yes Paris is always beautiful isn’t it! But you should go to Praque it’s really realy pretty too😀

      2 jam kena macet naik taxi Jen, kbayang dunk bosen dan gemes sama argo yg bakalan mahal banget😬


        • 50 euro aza donk🙄🙄 bisa si sebenarnya naik metro tp berhubung uda aga malem plus musti gonta ganti metro jadi kita mutusin naik taxi, ga mikir bakalan macet😬


          • Woww.. Mahal jugaa 50eur. Bisa di buat belanja oleh2 yaa. Haha.. Tapi yaa kalo bawaan banyak yah ga rugi juga si ya mba.. Kalo nggak ribet juga tenteng2 koper sana sini. Hehe.


  4. Haha ttg macet, aku juga mikir gt mba. Dan pas aku kesana 4 thn lalu juga yang namanya tentara dengan senjata laras panjang ada dimana2. Bikin parno. Kerasa banget deh kota gedenya.

    Btw hop on off busnya beroperasi ya mba walau winter? Aku pas ke Oslo pingin ikut tur bus gt ga ada yg jalan pas winter 😕😕 akhirnya ya jalan kaki aja senyampenya kemana 😔


    • Iya kan Be, Paris kl macet 11 12 sama Jkt deh! Kirain si tentata itu krn barusan terjadi bom itu, tapi ternyata 4 thn lalu juga gitu ya. Hop on/off nya di Paris beroperadi even winter koq Be. Kalo di Oslo kmarin ada juga, tapi kita milih jalan krn Oslo kan ga segede Paris😀 sekalian the boys main salju!


  5. Ternyata bukan cuma Jakarta aja yang macetnya parah ya.. Aku sering baca akhir2 ini katanya Paris kotor, tapi di foto2 kamu masih cantik Ri, tetep bikin penasaran. Aku kesana tahun 2000, cuma 2 hari pun ikut tour, ingetnya cuma ke disneyland doang 😀


    • Iya Ta, Paris ada macetnya juga, yg ga jalan gitu lagi! Iya Paris emang agak2 jorok kalo aku bilang, kotor, bau urine blah! Yg pemandangan spt itu ga aku foto Ta, atau kl kefoto aku crop hahaaaa…
      Next time kalo ke Paris yg lamaan dikit, dan kalo bisa jgn ikut tour, lebih enak lebih bisa nemuin tempat2 or sudut2 yg romantis dan manis😚😍


  6. I Love Paris! Bagus fotonya Ria. Ngerasa ga di Paris makinrame dan terlalu ter cater for tourist dimana mana. Apalagi kalo summer di depan Sacre Cœur banyak yang jual2 an souvenir etc gitu. Rasanya sayng ngelihatnya. Anak anak suka engga ke sana? Pasti suka ya.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Iya Gaareal, kmarin pun di depan Sacre Coeur ada yg jualan souvenir2 tapi ga banyak si cuma dua ato 3 pedagang.
      The boys suka sama Paris terutama kl ke Eiffel Tower😛😛 paling suka naik keatas dan turunnya manual aza donk ga pake lift! I still love Paris meski kmarin itu lumayan rame banget dan macet dimana2😍😜


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