the thing about being married is…

in perfect world, when you’re married for long enough, by default you should know your better-half good enough, you understand her/his feelings or needs well enough,  that’s what i thought anyway.

but the reality is, the longer you are in relationship, you become careless with your words so you forget your kind words.  you are lazy to make an efforts that you forget the smallest act of caring is nice.  and you become stubborn as shit so you don’t have a listening ear. you become too comfortable being who you are that you forget an honest compliment, a smile, and romance are actually exist and still need to be maintained. you become too busy with life and its complicated.

i used to wonder how come after such a long time a good marriage couple can be divorced.  perhaps, one of those above statement can be one of the reason? it’s so different when you’re just a new couple either you are married or not.  all words and gestures are still sweet like sugar.  and then after a while, every thing become so mundane then things can go wrong or turn sour.

there are days in any relationship where you have to work at it.  because there is no easy answer, no quick fixes to the day to day challenges and difficulties.  relationships are hard.  they take hard work to make them work and zillions of patience, understanding, and tolerance.

i am no expert at all. so i think just take a deep breath. and keep on learning.  learning how to be a good partner, learning how to be lovers, and parents.

” what matters most is how well you walk through the fire ” – Charles Bucowski


16 responses to “the thing about being married is…”

  1. it is a learning process… so we just have to keep learning 🙂


    1. Never stop learning ya Man , I wish there is manual book for marriage too😜


  2. Well said, Ria.. That’s how I feel about mine too..😊


  3. People think one you are married you’ve settled down but the fact is that you are just down ahahaha. actually married its all about compromise on everything. secara komitmen diawal itu kan janji ama yang diAtas…walau ditengah jalan pasti ups and down. apalagi umuran perkawinan aku n chicco mba masih banyak2 saling belajar…


    1. Commitment and tolerant are the important keys in marriage, me think Nis😀


  4. It’s important to keep making efforts. Stay strong and stay in love 🙂


    1. Yes indeed Va, even though sometimes it’s not that easy.


  5. I agree with you Mbak Ria. Both parties have to work hard to keep the sparks.


    1. Exactly, it takes two to tango right?


  6. Wonderful post Mbak Ria! Xoxo


  7. Well said mba ria!!! Kayak yang kita obrolin dulu ya…married itu bukan cuddle2an doank…bakal banyak masalah datang but we both have to work hard to go through it. Hmmmm pokoke usaha biar soda2 asmara tetap berbusa.

    Love this post. Such a good reminder


    1. Hahaaa iya Jo, soda2 asmara biar tetap berbusa pakein Omo yg banyak kali yah😜


  8. I agree 100%, need to remember always that everything takes effort! sometimes we forget to be nice to our partner because we are so used to them being there… xx


    1. Exactly! Sometimes we take for granted what we have , riiiighttttt….


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