on EMK Placenta { review }

After several posting only about travel stories I wanted to have a bit of fun and girly.  So, after lots of considerations and re-thinking ( because I’m not a beauty blogger )  I braved myself to post this. Please note this review is not sponsored. I just like to share it with you all, perhaps it can be handy. Plus, I promised my friend to write a review on this product, so here you go!

I bought this EMK placental anti-aging serum about a month ago or so.  A friend of mine recommended it, and I thought why not give it a go.

I only use this anti-aging serum once every second night. It recommends that you use twice, day and night. Since it’s a bit pricey for my skin-care standard, I use it wisely😜

EMK Placenta anti aging serum is based on plant proteins with a super dose of vit A, B, C, E, and anti-oxidants that protect skin and restore suppleness and radiance.  It also treats redness and scarring.

Mind you, I have freckles and acne scars.  Not so much wrinkles…yet. Since I’ve been using this serum I can see the improvement on my skin.  My acne scars faded away, my skin is smoother and cleaner, my freckles are still there especially around my nose ( I think it’s permanent the ones around my nose) but bit less. On top of using this serum,  I also do microdermabrasion and peeling once every two months to maintain my skin. This EMK anti-aging serum is the only product I use from EMK series.

My verdict is the EMK anti-aging serum is a good product for those who have already flawless skin condition. For people like me, I can see my skin is improved but perhaps it would take more than a bottle to get that really flawless porcelain looks like skin? Will I buy the product again? Yes, I will definitely buy another bottle once this one is finished to see the result.     img_6804Before and After pics: left was taken right after the beach, no make up. Right one I just used tinted sunscreen and loose powder on my face (so I didn’t cover with heavy foundation at all) and eye products and nude lipstick, and just cut my hair even shorter😜  If you zoom it out you still can see freckles on my nose.

EMK products can be found at Sephora or if you live in Bali you can get their products from my friend Veronica. Email me if you’d like to contact her.

What are your go to skin care products?

Til later!




5 thoughts on “on EMK Placenta { review }

  1. Hi. Are you still using the EMK serum? Is it really good? Have pimple prone skin (oily , large pores) and I’m thinking of giving it a try. I’m a bit hesitant to buy cause of the price. Thanks in advance


    1. Hi Joanna,

      I don’t use it any more. Personally I think the serum helps to brighten and smooth the skin but it doesn’t work on pimple, in my opinion.

      I don’t buy it anymore because I used different products and it’s available in Australia so it’s handy. Hope this help.


    1. In my opinion it’s not worth it. For that price and the result you can buy another product. Maybe after couple bottles will show the real resukt I’m not sure. But I didn’t buy it again. I’m using Australian brand skincare now👌🏻


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