5 things i ❤️

Hey everyone who happens to read or blog walking here, it’s time for my five things I love again!  Well, actually it is more than five, but so not to bore you too much I think I will pack it into 5 only! 🙂

Okay here we go, these are five stuff that I am in love at the moment;

 Dr. Jart+ BB Dis-a-pore

After trying quite lots of poreless products, I finally find one that work amazingly to conceal my pores and doesn’t look so obvious or cakey.  It covers pores pretty good and blurring uneven skin textures, and it also thightens them.  When pores are kept tight, oilness is lessened, so you won’t get breakouts.  It works ok for my oil combination skin.  The only thing that I don’t really like is, it only comes in one shade and it’s a bit too light for my medium skin tone.  I guess since it’s Korean product it caters for their more fair pinkish skin tone rather than medium/dark tone.  Since it’s winter in Australia and my skin tends to go bit dry in cool weather, so I mix it with my Bare Mineral Complexion Rescue Gel in spice 8 and it works perfectly.  If you have pores problem and uneven skin textures this product will help.

2. Bare Mineral Complexion Rescue Gel

This tinted hydrating gel cream is my other staple in my make up regime. It’s light, weightless, and glide easily on your skin.  It makes your skin look natural but still manage to cover redness and minor imperfections whilst giving you a healthy dewy glowing skin.  I love love love this product, it comes in 10 shades too. You literally only need the smallest amount, I still haven’t run out of my first tube, which I bought about six months ago!

3. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Troper Satin

It’s the best eye-liner for me.  It even replaced my love for Benefit They’re Real Liner (though I still use it, but some days this eye-liner won’t glide easy and it smudged).  This eyeliner glides easily, don’t smudge even after hours and hours, and last like forever.  It’s easy to apply and get the sharp like with the felt tip on the pen.  I recommend this especially if you are not good at applying eyeliner or just a beginner at the cat eye style 🙂

4.  Damselfly Quote Candles

I’m a big sucker of candles, yes I am!  So at the moment I’m totally obsessed with this quote candles from Melbourne based Damselfly.  Not only they are all smell nice, but also I love the quotes they have on its jar.  Some are nice quotes some are naughty ones :p.  They are made with non-toxic soy based wax and it’s vegan friendly too! Here you go!  They are perfect for a gift too….so you know what to give me for my birthday 🙂 🙂

5.Blanket Scarf

Last but not least, as it’s winter here in Australia so I’m very in love with my blanket scarf! Yeah, I’m kinda a nanna :p  I like it because I think it’s versatile, I can wear it in many ways or styles, it goes well with jeans as well as dresses. And the most important thing it keeps me warm! I got mine from Cotton On but pretty sure there are many out there.  Often in the morning when I’m in rush to my yoga class or school drop off I’ll just wrap myself in its oversized cotton wool blend and I’m warm!

Have a lovely day everyone!





12 responses to “5 things i ❤️”

  1. No 3 pengen nyoba 😄. Aku lg diracunin youtuber indonesia ria, namanya suhay salim. Gara2 dia jd beli2 lokal produk gt termasuk lipstik dan eyeshadow nya


    1. Cobain deh Non eyelinernya smooth dan easy banget applynya plus tahan lama. Aku pake dari pagi, ketja seharian sampe sore teteup kinclong👌🏻
      Suhay Salim saha non? Aku pengen beli produk lokal terutama yg batik2 gitu, tapi ongkir ksini jadi mahil🙄🙄🙄


      1. Cb nanti aku cek ols ada jual gak ya. Mudah2an ada. Suhay salim itu kayak beauty blogger gt Ria. Dia suka kasih tutorial + review produk termasuk lokal produk make up. Cb deh liat

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ntar aku ceki2 deh Non. Kdg kl beauty blogger yg review aku suka ga percaya, krn mrk kan suka di-endorse jadi reviewnya kudu yg ok tentunya😛


  2. Mba riiii baru tau itu namanya blanket scarf… kece ihhhhh 😊😊😊😊


    1. Heeey Jo! Iyaaa dsini si bilangnya blanket scarf krn lebih tebal bahannya, lebih gede ukurannya dari scarf/shawl dan lebih anget tentunya👌🏻 Yg kece scarfnya ato yg make 😜😜😛😛….ma kasi eniwei darl😘


      1. Yang makeeee donkk cencunyaaaa 😍😍😘

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Blanket scarf are da best! I love them so much last winter, I think better than snoods and massively long woolly ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Andineee…so long haven’t seen you around blogosphere! Yaaas I love it too, in fact I live in it atm 😜😜🙈🙈

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know mba, got a massive writers block nih. Males.


  4. Aku penyuka eyeliner jadi penasaran, mudah diaplikasikan dan bagus di foto, kelihatan rapi dan alami. Loveee


    1. Iya Franny, ini glides nya smooth banget, lebih rapi drpd Benefit Real Liner kalo menurut aku ya.


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