a little update

Hi everyone!

How’s life treat you so far? I hope it’s good, and even if it’s not so good, I do hope it won’t be forever. C’est la vie isn’t it?

Well, mine has been busy (as always) with the kids’ schedules. Though it was school holidays, but I seemed even more hectic arranging the sleep-overs, play-dates, taking them here and there. Thank God today they are back to school, yaay! Don’t get me wrong I love school holidays, I love sleep-ins, and lazy days. But, at some stage I love them being back to routine, back to school they go!

Anyhow, last Saturday I was participated in the fashion show for Multicultural Eid Carnival. The event was brought together by Australia, Indonesia, and Arab community with Garuda Indonesia, Qatar Airlines, and Wonderful Indonesia as the main sponsors. The event was successfully drew the crowded with International  Food stalls which Indonesian stalls was the crowded one! Nasi padang, ayam taliwang, ketan durian, bakso, urap, sate, and many more that I couldn’t remember, sold out like crazy! Also, bumper cars, camel rides, merry go round, henna and face painting are amongst the attraction too.

The fashion show itself was a huge success with lots of clothes that we wore being sold straight away after the show. There were about 18 of us, each wore three items which were: traditonal kebaya/modern kebaya, batik and muslim theme. I’m grateful that I can be part of the show and got involved in this community event.  The carnival was closed by chinese dragon dance and firework at around 7pm.

For some of you who follow my FB, IG, or snapchat perhaps have seen the pictures already. For my own personal record and sweet memories for my grandchildren 😛 here’s the video compilation if you can be bothered to watch! I apologize for the video quality though, it is a bit rough I have to admit. Pardon me I’m not a professional video making, I found it’s so time consuming making video! Credit to my 12 years old who shot the video😛😘

Hope you all have a good week ahead!

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Hi I'm Ria! I'm a mama, wife, and a little crazy :) I like eating chocolate, baking, and taking photos of pretty things. This is a personal blog. Mostly I'm rambling about my every day life as a mama, wife, & human being, sharing my home cooking recipes, my travel, and a bit of fashion and beauty. Thanks for dropping by here and happy reading! xx

15 thoughts on “a little update

          1. Dari 40 costume sepertinya setengah langsung laku pas hari itu, Wien. Kecuali yg model kebaya ya, karna ukuran kecil sementara yg beli bule😜


    1. Kalo yg lain pada punya “instragramhusband” aku adanya “instagramsin” Nis😛😛 Iya itu foto dan video dipanggung yg ambil Nathan semua, dia setia nungguin emaknya lenggang kangkung sampe selesai😜😜

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