5 things i ❤️

Oh my…August is almost end and I just realized I haven’t post my five things I love for this month! Well, not that anyone cares but I do, because I have promised myself to diligently posting about five things I love once a month. So, without further ado here are the things I love this month:

1.  Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

If you like the smell of rose on your face, spray this after your make up, it will set your make up perfectly. You can spray it before you apply your make up too, the mist will hydrate your skin so it’s easy to blend your make up.

2.  Nip + Fab Glycolic Cleansing Pad

Sometimes my skin is a bit difficult, pimples can show up without warning. This product is pretty good for those bad acne day. It soothes without making my skin dry. My skin becomes softer and smoother.  The glycolic acid helps to retexture and resurface skin while the blue daisy makes my skin brighter and the witch hazel helps to tone. What I love about this Nip + Fab it comes in 60 cotton pads and I just have to swap on my face, also it does not smell nasty at all. Great product for the occasional break out and it won’t break my bank account for sure👌🏻

3.  The Balm Cosmetic

The first time I saw the Balm cosmetic it’s because the packaging!  It looks so cute and fun. And the product itself won’t disappoint. I bought the eye-shadow, blush on, and highlighter. Love the eye-shadow, it talc free and pigmented. Also all the Balm products are paraben and cruelty free. If you live in Australia, you can find the Balm cosmetic at Target and David Jones.

4.  Antipodes Divine Face Oil Organic Avocado Oil and Rosehip.

This is one of my favourite skin-care oil that I use on my face. It not only smells lovely, but also absorbs quickly and does not leave an oily residue. I also noticed the change of my skin complexion as well as a softer and more moisturised skin after using it for a while. It is a must-have especially for winter.

5.  Palmolive Bodywash Oil Infusion

Looks like this winter I’m loving every thing rose! I bought this Palmolive oil infusions body-wash rose with macadamia oil couple weeks ago at Woollies just because I ran out my usual body wash. I thought why not give it a try? Enriched with an infusion of botanical oils, this body wash cleans and hydrates your skin. The macadamia oil deeply nourishes the skin and won’t make your skin dry. I love the fact that the smell of the rose is not so strong. It also comes in Jasmine with avocado oil.

That’s all the things that I love for this month! If you are thinking or interesting in buying one of them, I hope this will help. This post is not sponsored, I just love all the products above and this is my genuine opinion. Oh, and also I’m trying to buy every thing local or available in Australia so I don’t have to purchase it online, overseas. Just because…I’m trying to be a goody goody person😜

Have a great day everyone, it’s almost week end!


6 thoughts on “5 things i ❤️

  1. The balm cosmetics itu termasuk ada yg lipstik juga kah Ria? Kapan waktu itu pernah nyoba lipstik the Balm punya Anggi. Enak rasanya, mint gitu dan nempel bagus di bibir. Aku pernah pakai Palmolive yg shampoo, tapi ga cocok. Jadi kering banget ke rambut. Akhirnya pindah ke shampoo argan, lumayan enak.


    1. Iya Den, the Balm ada lipsticknya juga tapi ga aku photo lupa hehehe… Lipsticknya yg matte aku suka, nempel tapi ga bikin bibir kering.
      Palmolive aku gaxperna oake shampoo ya, ini body washnya juga baru kali ini nyoba dan enak baunya juga ga bikin kulit kering👌🏻


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