when mums need a break

Good times + Crazy friends = Amazing memories

This post is probably a bit late, but like the saying it’s better late than never….so I am going to proceed with the whole story.

Early in August my girlfriends and I did another girls trip or precisely mums trip since most of us are all mothers.  It was kind of winter get-away because August here in down under is winter, sounds weird I know, because the rest of the world is experiencing summer at the moment.  This was our second mums trip, the first one was last year when we went to Bali, read here if you want to know.  The formation was slightly a bit different from last year.  There were six of us plus one toddler.  Yeah, one of my friend had to take her son since at the last minute her husband had to go overseas for work.

We took a red eye flight as usual being a cheap mums 🙂  Flight was slightly delayed for half an hour.  There is two hours ahead time difference between Perth and Melbourne.  We arrived in Tullamarine almost midnight.  Took a maxi cab to our service apartment.

We stayed at two bedrooms apartment called Bella Apartment.  It’s pretty new apartment about six months old, if I am not wrong.  The apartment is  very close to Crown Casino, in fact there is underground kinda thing that connects from the apartment to Crown Casino, where accommodates many shop, restaurants, cinema, and big food court beside the casino itself.  If you are into casino and night life and feel lazy to go out at night to have dinner, you can just walk five minutes from your room to the Crown Casino.

Since basically we only have three full days in Melbourne, our itinerary was mostly just around the CBD or Melbourne central area.  We did managed to go to Brighton Beach and St. Kilda Pier though.  Melbourne was quiet cold at that time we were there.  But it won’t dampen our mood to explore the city.  A visit to Queen Victoria Market is a must and eat the $5 for 5 doughnut from the doughnut van is also a must!

One night we went out to let loose and dance the night away at the Spice Market.  Love the place, the atmosphere, and the music.  My girlfriends even went on the stage to dance 🙂 🙂  Being Asian we also went to have dinner at the China town.  I always like the china town of Melbourne, it has more character than the one in Perth somehow.

@ China Town

@ Spice & Market 

Here are my highlights of the trip:

Breakfast at the brekkie alley, I actually forget what’s the name of the alley so I made up the name 🙂  Love the atmosphere and the smell of the coffee ahhh….so good!

Hosier Lane the lane and arcade of Melbourne with all the colorful mural walls and lotsa alley that we passed but I can’t remember the name.

Queen Victoria Market, of course a must have visit.  Even though every time I go to Melbourne I always visit this market but I’ve never get bored.

Brighton Beach.  Though the weather was crap that day, gloomy, grey, and cloudy, it was still good to take some pictures of those very bright bathing boxes!  I think if I live in Melbourne I would like to live in this area :p

Last but not least, I always love this coffee place called Brunetti in Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD.  Besides the coffee and cakes are so delicious and yum, it’s a very strategic and good meeting point.

Me, strike a pose at Brunetti 🙂

St . Kilda Pier
Hosier Lane

So, that’s all the sum up of our mums trip.  Personally I think it’s great to have a little get away for us as a mother.  It doesn’t make us a bad mums.  We are a mother but we are a human being too.  It’s nice once in the blue moon to have those days without kids nagging, hustle bustle of school chaos, a little break from mum’s taxi, a little break from being a mother and just become who we are, where we can eat our breakfast and perhaps do a bit retail therapy (or whatever therapy you would like)  in peace and quiet moment.  Then when we back home, we are fully charged and ready to conquer the mums world again.  Are you agree with me, or no ?

The crew 2016 👯👯👯

As for a successful girls trip, choose your friends very wisely.  It’s a different story from best buddy to have lunch or coffee every now and then to spend 24/7 in the same roof. Make sure you are all in the same (more less) character / attitude / philosophy / purpose of being in a girls trip.  Lay down the rules and conditions before you all go and talk about it in a very clear and bold statement.  Because trust me, when you have a different approach of girls trip or traveling together as a group, it can ruin the joy and fun of traveling.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the video and some pictures here.

Hope your Sunday is bright and happy and you get to spend time with your loved ones!


10 thoughts on “when mums need a break

  1. Moms-break, agree banget dong… Nggak harus nginep lama-lama juga, yang penting me-time 😉 Seru ceritanya moms get away-nya Ria 😍


      1. Makasih Ria😘 girls trip kami kemarin semacam moms getaway jugalah karena meskipun nggak semua punya anak, kalau mau ikut syaratnya nggak boleh bawa anak 😄

        Liked by 1 person

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