{ review} on bb cushions

disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post but I just  like to share my review about these products based on my personal experience.

If you love cosmetic or follow beauty products I’m pretty sure you all know about BB Cushion product  that at the moment is in trend.  Almost every cosmetic brand has their own version of this bb cushion.  From high end to drug store ones.  It’s the new kid on the block kinda thing, and it evolves from South Korea where the women are blemish free and porcelain skin look.  BB cushion or cushion compact is a foundation soaked sponge contained in a pocket sized mirrored compact, offering a natural looking base of make up on the go with simply glide the foundation on the skin with the applicator provided, no brushes or sponges, and you’re ready to go.  Perfect for a person like me, who always rush in the morning between dropping off the boys to school and go to work, and not to mention I always take a long time  in front of the mirror to wing my eye-liner😜 So if I can save a bit on my face then I have a bit more time on my eyes! 😉😉

I have been trying three bb cushions so far from three different brands.  Here is what I think about them;

1.  L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion $29.95

This is a budget friendly cushion compact and available on Australian market, that’s important because I don’t really like buying cosmetic online to be honest.  I like what I can see directly.  It comes in 5 shades.  When I glide the sponge on to my fresh clean faced, it goes very smooth and gives an even finish and covers my spot good enough.  I like it because it makes my skin looks dewy, light, and not cakey.  It is also great for touch up.  It’s alright for every day make up and when you’re in a hurry.

2. Laneige BB Cushion $59.00

I was so curious about this Laneige BB Cushion as everyone talks and rages about it.  So, against my will I purchased it at Strawberry net online.  For 59 bucks I personally think, [please don’t unfriend me to all those Laneige fans just because I have a different opinion than yours 😛 ] it more or less the same as the L’oreal one.  I have mine in sand beige, it covers ok but it’s not as good as the L’oreal one, honestly.  I found it makes my skin looks a tad bit dry after I use it.  Maybe because of its fragrance formula, enough that I can smell it as I wear it.  As I read, cosmetic products with fragrance formula can irritate skin especially if you use it daily and also can damage the healthy collagen production that can cause dryness. The only difference is perhaps the packaging that looks expensive and much better than the L’oreal one.  Also it comes with the refill, so that’s another bonus.  I don’t dislike this product, but for me it’s no difference than the above mentioned so if I can save a bit on this I definitely will buy local.

3.  MECCA Cosmetica In A Great Light Compact $60

Picture from Google image

It comes in 5 shades and the packaging is so pretty and cute.  Overall, in my skin it covers pretty good, better than those two products above mentioned. It blends out so well and long lasting too, gives my skin that luminous glowy look which I like.    For 60 buck it’s the same as Laneige I probably will purchase this again, just because I don’t have to buy online and it doesn’t have a fragrance formula.

In the end I think choose what’s best for your skin and your wallet.  The most important think is how you care about your skin, because the good skin care is the key to  a perfect make up.

Hope you all have great week-end!


24 responses to “{ review} on bb cushions”

  1. zbethz says:

    Aku pernah nyoba bb cushionnya L’oreal punyanya Anggi. Keluhanku sama dengan Anggi, wajah kita jadi kinclong gitu kalau pake itu jadinya masih harus pake bedak juga. Kalau yang dua aku belum nyoba.


    • ohdearria says:

      Beth, emang masih harus pake bedak lagi sih, krn bb cushion kan sebenarnya sama dengan foundation cuma lebih ringan aza. Dan memang si L’oreal ini bikin hasilnya dewy gitu ga matte. Mungkin kalo jenis kulit berminyak ato pas summer jadi bikin lebih mengkilat alias kinclong kah?😜


      • zbethz says:

        Iyah, jenis kulitku memang semi berminyak gitu…apalagi kalau keringatan, haduh >.< Aku kayaknya pake BB belum nemu yang cocok karena mukaku kan banyak nodanya jadi butuh tambalan yang bagus untuk mencovernya hihi,,,So far yang cocok punyanya Vichy Dermablend, enak banget konstensinya tapi warnanya kurang sreg dikiiiit…kurang gelap gitu. Susah deh cari warna yang cocok di benua sebelah sini :/


        • ohdearria says:

          Muka aku juga Beth, makanya menurut aku si L’oreal coveragenya lbh ok dr Laneige, plus lebih banyak shadenya juga. Disini msh aga lumayan lah bisa dapetin shade yg lebih darker 😜 Coba bb cream yg biasa deh bukan yg cushion coveragenya lebih ok dari si cushion kl menurut aku😘


  2. Dila says:

    Mbak Riaaaaa! I love bb cushion, aku pake laneige.. Baru tau malah mecca punya juga hhahahhaa.. Selama ini nyobain yg korean brand aja 😉


  3. nyonyasepatu says:

    Ria, mahal banget ya si Laneige disana 😦 aku pakai sih dan emang suka karena ringan. Skr aku penasaran punyanya si Maybelline tapi di US malah gak ada 😦


    • ohdearria says:

      Iya Non setelah di kurs di Strawberry.net jadinya segitu, sama sih dengan yg Mecca itu.
      Masa’ di US ga ada ya Non di Maybelline? Disini baru masuk di Target aku liat kmarin tapi blom nyobain sih😜
      Laneige emang ringan, tapi di aku cenderung bikin kulit kering sih.


  4. cerita4musim says:

    Ih penasaran bgt cushion bb ini, pengen nyoba yg murmer buat nyobain, udah pesen Kiko, eh shippingnya dodol gak nyampe2 dan akhirnya refund 😦
    Abis ini bolehlah cobain YSL mbak, katanya ok bgt jg tuh.


  5. adhyasahib says:

    aku pakai yg lanaige, so far cocok2 aja, penasaran pengen coba merk yg lain juga, siapa tau bisa lebih bagus hasilnya 😀


  6. winnymarlina says:

    itu cocok untuk semua jenis kulit gk kak?


  7. wah, saya malah belum tau mbak. saya yang murmer aja pake hariannya, produk loreal. ntar pengen coba bb cushion yang loreal juga. makasih review nya mbak.


  8. Estella says:

    Ya learn somtnhieg new everyday. It’s true I guess!


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