spring is in the air

On Sunday the weather turned out to be pretty good, sunny and 19 C.  So, in a spur moment the father of my children suggested that we went for a drive to see some wild flowers up in the hills.  Typical him, we actually could just go to Kings Park or some wild flowers farm nearby for that.  But of course wild flowers gotta see in the real wild place 😛 not the one that already structured…sigh

So, after almost two hours driving we finally got to the destination  and much to our disappointed there were not many wild flowers there.  It’s a bit strange for normally at this time of the year there will be lots and lots of them.

Anyway, we had a good time exploring.  Lit a fire and cooked our lunch.  Boys ran around and played silly buggers.  I am still amazed that at the age of 12 these boys of mine still like to climb trees, rocks, and run around like crazy!

Here are some pictures from our Sunday, hope you enjoy them!

Everlasting….love them!


Fringed Lily, so pretty and unique

Happy Thursday everyone, not long until week-end!



11 responses to “spring is in the air”

  1. Bunganyaaa. Cantik2 banget, suasananya piknik banget ya.


    1. Iya bunganya meski ga sebanyak tahun sebelumnya tapi tetep cantik sih. Tempatnya cocok buat piknik memang dan sepiiii….

      Liked by 1 person

  2. kak bunga-bunganya kece abis


    1. Iya cakep tapi ga boleh dipetik 🙂


  3. Waah bunganya cantik2, seru banget bisa main di tempat kayak gini ya 🙂


  4. best season of the year akhirnya nyampe sana juga ya, bakal gantian sweateran deh nih 🙂


  5. Wahhh.. bunganya bagus2 yah mba Ria.. seru banget buat foto2..


  6. wow itu memang gua ya Mbak?
    bagus banget pemandangannya
    terima kasih dan salam kenal


    1. Iya, dulunya cave / gua.
      Salam kenal balik dan trima kasih uda mampir sini😘


  7. Salam kenal kak Ria, 🙂 Disana spring enak ya tetep hanget..disini mah udah dingin bangeeet…love your pics 🙂


    1. Halo Dewi, thanks for dropping by here 🙂 Iya disini spring berkisar 18-20 which is ok.


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